August 9, 2020
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World Economic Forum: The Institution Behind "The Great Reset"

World Economic Forum: The Institution Behind “The Great Reset”

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Posted by Stephen Guinness,

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In a recent article I briefly reviewed a number of achievements that global planners made before the announcement by the World Economic Forum in June of a new initiative called ‘Great dump“. Taken together, the UN Agenda 2030, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the BIS 2025 Innovation of the Bank for International Settlements provide insights into how elites want to turn the lives of every man, woman and child inside out. the course of the next decade.

Details’Great dump‘They came when countries began to rediscover their economies after a global blockage. The degree to which Covid-19 dominates all aspects of existence – mainly due to unrepentant media coverage – encourages people to focus solely on what life will be like after the virus. For many, what was before now seems inconsequential. It is anything but.

For example, three months before Covid-19 received global pandemic teaching – ‘Event 201‘- was conducted in New York, which simulated the outbreak of coronavirus that originated in Brazil. Scenario focused on the new zoonotic virus, which ‘transmitted from bats to pigs to humans, which ultimately becomes an effective transmission from person to person, leading to a serious pandemic. “While initially some countries managed to control the outbreak, it eventually spread and”ultimately no country can maintain control“.

The culmination of the simulation reached an eighteen-month mark: 65 million people died, which led to serious economic and social consequences. But that was not the end. As the script explained, ‘the pandemic will continue at a certain rate until an effective vaccine appears or until 80-90% of the world’s population is detected. From now on, it could be childhood endemic. ”

Event 201 also used the exercise as an opportunity to warn that ‘The next severe pandemic will not only lead to serious illnesses and deaths, but also can cause serious cascading economic and social consequences that can greatly contribute to global impact and suffering.. ”

This pandemic appeared in the form of Covid 19, just a few weeks after event 201 ended.

Looking at the composition of Event 201, we find that the three organizations at the forefront of the simulation were the World Economic Forum, the John Hopkins Health Safety Center, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is through the WEF ‘Great dumpLaunched was launched, in what the group said in response to Covid-19. Jones Hopkins has become the source of many global infections and deaths thanks to their recently created ‘Coronavirus Resource Center“. And then you have Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has been the driving force behind the search and distribution of the vaccine worldwide.

Event 201 consisted of fifteen ‘the playersRepresented who represented, in particular, airlines and medical corporations. Of these fifteen, six are direct partners of the World Economic Forum. One of them is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the other five are Marriott International (hospitality), Henry Shane (medical distribution), Edelman (communication), NBCUniversal Media and Johnson & Johnson.

To make it clear, these organizations do not all work at the same level within the WEF. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as Johnson and Johnson ‘Strategic partners‘, Highest step for the participant. Only 100 global companies are strategic partners, and in order to receive an invitation, they all must havecompliance with forum values“. Not only that, but also strategic partners ‘shape the future, making a great contribution to the development and implementation of the projects of the Forum and supporting private-state dialogue. ”

Under strategic partners ‘Strategic Partner Associates‘To which NBCUniversal Media belongs. The strategic partners include some of the largest companies in the world that ‘actively participates in shaping the future of industries, regions and systemic problems“. According to the WEF, partners also believe in ‘corporate global citizenship“.

Next thepartnersComprise which include Marriott International, Henry Shane and Edelman. Partners are described by WEF as ‘world-class companiesPossess who possesses ‘great interest in developing system solutions to key problems“.

Finally there is ‘Associate partners“. While they are participating in ‘community forumHave and eat ‘great interest in solving problems affecting activities and society as a wholeNone, no one attended event 201.

Every major industry in the world, be it banking, agriculture, healthcare, the media, retail, travel and tourism, is directly linked to the World Economic Forum through corporate membership.

Obviously, the deeper the corporation’s relationship with WEF, the higher its abilitythe formAgenda group agenda. Which leads us to the fact that the WEF call them Strategic intelligence platform – a mechanism that combines all the interests on which the WEF is concentrated.

They describe the platform as ‘dynamic contextual intelligence system that allows users to track relationships and interdependencies between problems, while supporting more informed decision-making“.

As to why the WEF developed strategic intelligence, they say it was ‘help you (enterprises) understand global actors and make better decisions“.

Platform growth is an ongoing goal. WEF is always looking for new members to become part of strategic intelligence by joining ‘Community of New Champions“. But they will only allow a new organization on board if they ‘comply with the values ​​and aspirations of the World Economic Forum as a whole“. 12 months ‘New Champions Membership‘Included in € 24,000.

Given the relevance of strategic intelligence, the WEF asks:

How can you decipher the potential impact of rapidly unfolding changes when you are flooded with information – some of them are misleading or unreliable? How do you constantly adapt your vision and strategy in a rapidly changing global context?

In other words, strategic intelligence is the antidote to ‘fake news‘And a meeting for corporations to position themselves as global pioneers in a rapidly changing political and technological environment. This is the image that they are trying to convey at least.

We can find more active participation from global institutions through strategic intelligence. Platform ‘together with leading experts on topics from academia, think tanks and international organizations“.

Co-curatorsPerhaps this is perhaps the most important aspect to consider here, given that they have the opportunity ‘share your experience with an extensive network of Forum members, partners and participants, as well as with a growing audience“.

It is safe to assume that when co-facilitators speak, participants and partners of the World Economic Forum listen. This is partly how the WEF agenda is.

Who are co-curators? These currently include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Oxford University, Yale University and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

It was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in March published an article entitled “‘We will not return to normal.Just just like Covid-19 locks have been introduced worldwide. Recalling a report by the co-curator of Imperial College London, who approved the introduction of stricter measures for social distance, if the number of hospital admissions starts to increase, MIT announced thatsocial distance here lasts much longer than a few weeks. It will ruin our lifestyle forever. ”

Along with co-curators, there is what is known asContent partners‘Who says WEF‘Enhanced by machine analysis of more than 1,000 articles per day from carefully selected global think tanks, research institutes and publishers“.

Content partners include Harvard University, Cambridge University, Rand Corporation, Chatham House (aka Royal Institute for International Affairs), European Council on Foreign Relations, and Brookings Institution.

If you go into details, the way strategic intelligence is structured means that the higher your position in the corporate sphere, the moreplatforms‘You can be a part. While strategic partners must be part of at least five platforms, associate partners have access to only one platform of their choice.

Here is a list of some platforms hosted at the World Economic Forum:

  • COVID Action Platform

  • Shaping the future of technology management: blockchain and distributed book technology

  • Shaping the future of a new economy and society

  • Shaping the future of consumption

  • Shaping the future of the digital economy and creating new values

  • Shaping the future of the financial and monetary systems

  • Shaping the Future of Technology Management: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Shaping the future of trade and global economic interdependence

  • Shaping the future of cities, infrastructure and urban services

  • Shaping the future of energy and materials

  • Shaping the future of media, entertainment and culture

As we will cover in the next article, ‘Great dump‘Consists of more than 50 areas of interest that are formed from both‘Global problems‘and’industry‘, Which, in turn, are part of the WEF strategic intelligence platform.

Corporate membership is essential for the World Economic Forum to spread its influence, but in the end, each member of the Council is in line with the WEF agenda, goals, projects and values. They have a precedent over everything else.

The Board of Trustees of the organization also works by agreement with the WEF. Three of them include current IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva, European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde and former Bank of England manager Mark Carney. A tripartite commission is also represented among proxies through Larry Fink and David Rubenstein.

To add some historical context to the WEF, the group dates back to 1971, when it was originally founded as the European Management Forum. At a time when the conflict in Vietnam was raging, social protest movements were building, and the United States was about to abandon the gold standard. By 1973, when the Bretton Woods system crashed after World War II and the Tripartite Commission was formed, the Forum expanded its interest, in addition to governance, to the inclusion of economic and social issues. From that moment, political leaders from around the world began to receive invitations to the annual meeting of the institute in Davos.

The World Economic Forum is today classified as ‘International organization of public-private cooperation‘, And is the only world institution recognized as such. It is in this capacity that the forum ‘attracts leading political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to the formation of global, regional and sectoral programs. ”

Just as the Bank for International Settlements acts as a forum uniting central banks under one umbrella, the WEF plays the same role by uniting business, government and civil society.

WEF announces itself beingcatalyst for global initiatives‘Which is accurate considering‘Great dump‘The agenda originates at the WEF level. And these are initiatives like ‘Great dump‘AND’Fourth Industrial Revolution‘Which, as the WEF says, are different‘ active participation of government, business and civil society representatives“.

The story of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) was developed from the World Economic Forum back in 2016WEF confidently claimed that because of 4IR ‘over the next decade, we will witness changes breaking through the global economy at unprecedented speed, scale and strength. They transform whole systems of production, distribution and consumption.“.

Not only that, but the world is on the verge of testimony ‘more technological change over the next decade than we saw in the last 50 years. ”

Now the group plans to use ‘Great dump‘As a theme for the annual 2021 meeting in Davos as a means of promoting the 4IR agenda. 4IR is positioned as a technological revolution, where progress in all sciences ‘will not leave indifferent any aspect of global society. ”

And, like their global counterparts, such as the BIS and the Tripartite Commission, the WEF is gradually raising its agenda and striving to focus on the long term, not ‘emergencies of the day“. In their own words, ‘Success is not only measured in terms of immediate results – we understand that real progress takes time and constant commitment. ”

In the next article, we will look at the features of the Great Dump agenda, as well as what global planners are striving to achieve with Covid-19.


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