August 8, 2020
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WHO: coronavirus situation worsens in the world

AliExpress WW
The spread of the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 is accelerating, and most countries have not yet taken control of the pandemic. This statement was made by the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhan Gebreesus, reports The Guardian.

“In most countries of the world, the virus is not under control. It is getting worse,” he said. “The pandemic is still accelerating. The total number of cases has doubled in the past six weeks.”

AliExpress WW

According to the head of WHO, more than 11.8 million cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the world, half of which have been registered over the past six weeks. More than half a million people died from complications of the disease.
Gebreesus noted that the outbreak of coronavirus has revealed global and national inequalities in both health systems and society.

“The disease knows no boundaries. It does not care about political differences, it ignores the differences we make between health and the economy, life and livelihood. The COVID-19 pandemic destroyed them. It exploited the discrepancies in our health systems and the divisions in our society.” – said the head of the organization.

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