August 12, 2020
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Trump Visits Mount Rushmore For 1st Fireworks In Decade As Cancel Mob Hones In

Trump Visits Mount Rushmore For 1st Fireworks In Decade As Cancel Mob Hones In

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Now that the left rebel guardsman is trying to erase Mount Rushmore, President Trump is heading for a landmark in South Dakota to begin his weekend on July 4.

AliExpress WW

The President will love the fireworks with around 7,500 people who don’t need to wear masks or communicate at a distance. The monument, which depicts the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, there have been no fireworks since 2009 due to environmental issues, in accordance with Reuters,

In addition to the fireworks, the event will feature Lakota narrators, a military flyover, hoop dancers and, of course, President Trump, who will entertain the crowd.

Governor Christy Noem (R) told Fox news On Monday night, participants at a Trump monument Friday evening said people with health problems about COVID-19 may “Stay home”, but these face masks will be distributed so that people can “choose, put on.”

“We ask them to come, to be ready to celebrate, in order to enjoy the freedoms and freedoms that exist in this country,” Noem said. “But we will not distance ourselves.

And, of course, wherever Trump goes, triggers follow.

Native Americans, who reportedly plan to protest during the trip, criticized Trump’s visit for increasing the risk of spreading the virus and for celebrating US independence in their holy area.

National Democratic Committee (DNC) wrote at one point that trump is disrespectful to native americans and that the event was “glorifying white supremacy.” He later deleted the tweet.

Both Washington and Jefferson, revered for their role in founding the nation, were slaveholders. –Reuters

“It is unfair to actively steal the land of indigenous peoples and then carve the white faces of the conquerors who committed genocide,” says Nog Oglala Lakota Noation activist Nick Tilsen.

Harold Fraser, Chairman of the Sioux in the Sheyanne River, called for removal of mount rushmoreeThe statement said: “Nothing is a greater reminder of the Sioux Great Nation about a country that cannot fulfill the promise of concluding a treaty than people carved on our sacred land on what the United States calls Mount Rushmore.”

“The United States of America wants us all to be citizens and the family of their republic, but when they get tired of looking at these faces, we remain looking at the molesters,” he added in the comments of June 29.

However how Fox newsRebecca Grant indicated Friday in an essay (in which Tilsen is quoted) no one had a problem with the “racist” monument “built on indigenous land” when former President Obama and Hillary Clinton visited during their 2008 campaigns,

Candidate Obama and the Bus of Reporters Election Campaign visited Mount Rushmore late in the evening on Friday evening in May 2008. The New York Times described this as a delightful moment: “Obama didn’t open half an inch,” and Obama joked with the park rangers that his ears were too big to be carved on the mountain.

Candidate Hillary Clinton was already there. In her photograph a few days earlier, a reporter asked her if she could imagine herself carved on a mountain. According to CBS, this prompted Clinton, who was clearly annoyed, to say, “Why don’t you know anything about the monument?” Good point.

But after a dozen years, it may be too late for the story. –Fox news

Meanwhile, Grant notes that while leftists seem intent on erasing America’s past, they conveniently overlooked that “every square inch of the United States, as well as the rest of North America and Latin America, was once“ the land of indigenous peoples ” . “- and that” Even the headquarters of the highly politically correct New York Times is located on land in Manhattan that once belonged to the indigenous population before it was bought almost for free by the Dutch and then captured by the British. “

Moreover, three of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore – Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln – all died when the United States took control of the Black Hills in 1877, while Roosevelt was only 19 years old.

Trump will hold another July 4th celebration on Saturday in Washington.


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