August 11, 2020
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Trump supports a new round of direct payments for coronavirus

Trump supports a new round of direct payments for coronavirus

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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he is supporting a new round of government payments to individuals to help them withstand the coronavirus pandemic, but “it has to be done right.”

AliExpress WW

Trump also said he wants payments in excess of $ 1,200 that the government sent to most people earlier this year. He did not say how much he would like the payments to be.

Trump complained about preventing people from returning to work, but seemed to be confusing direct federal payments with a federal allowance of $ 600 per month for anyone collecting state unemployment benefits.

A monthly federal unemployment benefit of $ 600 expires at the end of July, and lawmakers decide whether to renew it. Republicans opposed this, saying it created a situation where some people earned more money by collecting unemployment than if they returned to work.

“We had what they wanted, where it gave you an incentive to work last time. Anyway, the money went to people and helped people, so I was all for it, ”Trump said during an interview with Fox Business Network. “But we want to create a very good incentive to work. So we are working on it, and I’m sure that we will all come together. ”

The president also said he wants to facilitate the distribution process without some of the glitches that plagued the first round.

“I want people to get more money so they can spend it. I want the money to come in quickly and easily, ”Trump said.

In May, Democrats pushed through the ward a bill to help coronavirus worth $ 3 trillion, including nearly $ 1 trillion for state and local governments and another round of direct payments to the population of $ 1,200, as well as assistance to the unemployed, tenants and homeowners, College Debt Holders and Postal Service.

The Republicans mocked the bill as an inflated Democrats wish list, and he was dead upon arrival at the Senate, led by the Republican Party. Republicans said they want to see how the $ 3 trillion in previously approved coronavirus assistance works before sanctioning additional costs.

GOP leaders also wanted to evaluate how states opened their economies before deciding on a new round of economic assistance, but in many states there has been an alarming surge in coronavirus infections, and they have delayed or rolled back aspects of their discovery.

Trump and major Republicans, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Insist on the next measure to protect businesses that reopen from legal action for liability. Democrats are against it. Trump also wants a payroll tax cut, which Democrats also oppose, and some Republican Party leaders have not yet supported.

When asked about the fourth round of assistance, Trump said in May: “The fourth phase will come. But it will be much better for the American people. ”


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