August 9, 2020
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The World Shifts

The World Shifts

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AliExpress WW

“Carthage DeLande is”

Did you feel the world was shaking last night?

As Washington imposes sanctions on top-level Chinese officials for ethnic violence in Xinjiang and waits for Trump to sign an “autonomous” action against Hong Kong aimed at officials under the new security law, we are now even closer to the inevitable clash between Rome and Carthage.

The consequences will be huge … This story accelerates very fast … everything happens “faster” than we think …

My spider feelings are tingling ..

Trying to understand why markets are so strong, the ongoing coronavirus and economic collapse, how politics is so ineffective, and how fragile and vulnerable feelings for sudden and quick changes in the narrative can be, is tedious. While markets are focused on the profit season (early Monday), ongoing problems with the supply chain – for example, the closure of car factories due to the fact that they cannot get spare parts, and the likelihood of further incentives. news from Asia makes me suspect that the real world has generally become less stable.

At the tactical level, the outbreak of Cold War warfare and the threat of sanctions against banks in Hong Kong are another highlight of the HSBC rotting corpse. If the former colony is de-dollarized, and banks cannot make settlements with the dollar, this will cause huge shifts in Asia. This will increase the prospect of a complete split between the US and China, as banks are forced to make a choice: they cannot serve two owners – the dollar or Beijing.

At a strategic level .. who knows .. Plus for Europe? After coronavirus .. a full-blown cold war? Or maybe it will be good … a wedge between China and the West, stimulating new innovations and economic growth? Who knows … more on this later …

I expected that the financial business of Asia would shift to Singapore, but, communicating with friends, it seems that the city state is trying to maintain neutrality. Apparently, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Western financiers to obtain resident status, and companies are not encouraging relocation of locks, stocks, and barrels to Hong Kong to the city, demanding instead to hire locals. On the contrary, Tokyo is likely to be the main beneficiary of the inevitable recession in Hong Kong. Which … will be good news for London ..

* * *

However, the main problem for me this morning … I was at the pub last night!

Fantastic, but my head hurts …

There is nothing more surprising than solving all the problems of the globe with the help of an excellent tomahawk steak, too much red wine and joking with friends – despite all the efforts of the hostess to keep us all socially alienated. So sorry if the porridge bends a little this morning. It would be fair to say that this morning on the balcony in front of me is a pink elephant …

How to stimulate human society.

A good friend from the city joined us for the evening. He is a guy who avoided trying to guess where stocks were heading and invested his time, effort, and considerable intelligence in figuring out how technology and big data can solve the problem of creating alpha for funds.

I fully understood everything until the third or fourth bottle of the most excellent claret mysteriously emptied. As I said … The King and Queen of Humble are a very good pub … but a glass of Kraken rum for the road was definitely a mistake …

This morning…. Not as good as we would like …

I remember we tried to solve the NHS problem.

I argue that we can make the NHS much better through technology. I proposed and generously offered my solution. If we all owned our medical data – stored on our phones or even a subcutaneous chip, and updated this information in accordance with the results of each test, blood sample and readings of our wearable device. technology, then medical AI will quickly be able to understand what our symptoms mean, and instead of clinicians looking for a needle in a haystack, what could be wrong with us …. AI will be able to immediately prompt the reason.

Imagine if the same AI could learn on the basis of data from all of us … we would very quickly have a focused, focused and effective healthcare system. We will be able to sort out the material and technical confusion caused by too many bureaucratic delays, and invest more money in direct medical resources from the point of view of doctors, nurses and therapists, targeted treatment and a better understanding of effectiveness. medicines and treatments ..

Edward laughed at me.

Apparently, we already have the opportunity to do most of this. The problem is that governments have asked / enabled big technology to map data. Now Google owns it. They have already written algorithms for predicting our health. They expect to be able to monetize this.

If we want to solve the world by introducing big data … How much are we willing to pay to technical hippos to buy our own data …?

As the wine was poured … we set about solving supply chain, automation and 3D printing problems. Of course, it will simply reorient production to national states. It would already be cheaper to make widgets locally, but for this we need more programmers and engineers … and since most generations of Z expect, there is no demand, high-paying jobs in cupcake design and application work … this is potentially a problem …

I could continue … but by the time we finished our symposium … my brain was quite full … I might have to take a nap later this morning …


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