August 8, 2020
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The Strategies Of Dementia Politics

The Strategies Of Dementia Politics

AliExpress WW

Posted by Victor Davis Hanson through National Review,

AliExpress WW

Stoke chaos, hinder economic recovery and hide Biden in the basement until election day …

Joe Biden tragically survives a mental eclipse and escapes at geometric speed. It is clear that his handlers kept him out of sight. He remains aloof from the campaign under the pretext of the virus and its age-related susceptibility to the incidence of COVID-19.

I say “excuse” without apology. The quarantine should not have prevented Biden from conducting daily interviews, speeches, and meetings for the past three months. But every case, no matter how it was written according to the script, rehearsed and canned, if only it would provide daily evidence that Biden could not be president or really hold any position.

Often Biden cannot complete the sentence. Names are vague whirlwinds in the river of oblivion of his mind. He is in a much worse mental condition than the physically failed FDR in his 1944 campaign for a fourth term.

A healthy Biden’s earlier career shows that he was not particularly sharp even when he controlled most of his abilities. We remember the former sane / crazy Biden about the plagiarism of Neil Kinnock, his “put everything in a chain” demagogy, the racism of Biden’s riffs about “pure” and good-natured Obama, and the stories about sane / crazy pop music. All of them are the trademark of the formerly fool Joe Biden, who was at least on guard compared to his current catalepsy. If Donald Trump may be illiterate, Biden is agramatic – he simply combines half-mars without syntax and then completely rejects the offer.

If Trump repeats his vocabulary, Biden is increasingly looking for words, any nouns, no matter what it has to do with the essence that he makes. It seems that Biden is suffering from discognitive attacks during which he does not know for a moment what he is doing or saying, or where he is – a tragic, almost epileptic state. In scary episodes, Biden’s pale, scaly, and frozen face appears almost reptilian, like a lizard freezing and still when it tries to process signals of perceived danger.

The insertion of learned answers into rehearsed questions, as if the whole argument was spontaneous, only shows how his once episodic dementia became chronic when he loses his clue and place. It is clear that his assistants saw the possibility of securing Biden during the trump twitter, along with the infection, blocking, recession and unrest, which in the minds of voters equated fear with chaos with the guilt of the current commander in chief.

But there were always problems with placing Biden in limbo in his basement, although he seemed to be ahead of Trump in polls in early summer.

First, solitude, silence, and the absence of intellectual stimuli often only increase dementia, while travel, conversation, and new images and experiences, as a rule, relieve the overloaded paths of neurons. The more Biden “relaxes,” the more he seems incompetent in his rare, staged interviews. His brain is like a flabby muscle, and calm non-use does not make it stronger.

Secondly, theoretically, a virtual presidential candidate should have an expiration date. True, Biden participated in the polls because the public never sees or hears him – since Obama’s unpopular lame duck disappeared on golf courses and retreats in 2016 and attracted media attention to the dog-cat fight between Trump and Clinton. Obama then discovered that the more he stepped back from the public eye, the more the public liked his old idea, rather than the current reality.

So the ghost model was supposed to work on Biden.

He is a candidate for cardboard, but at least he is not at the forefront of comments about the fall of the statue and the infection, and therefore he cannot be blamed for anything.

But avoiding the campaign, Biden only puts off the inevitable. He squeezes the campaign into a shorter cycle of late summer and fall. If he really agrees to the three debates (he may not agree to anything at all), and if he acts the way he usually acts and says now, he can ultimately remind the American people in the eleventh hour of the campaign that he has the choice between a controversial president and a presidential candidate who simply cannot hold the office of president. And if Biden doesn’t come, Trump will probably be discussing Clint Eastwood’s empty chair – a support without a sound.

Why, then, is Biden a candidate at all – besides the fact that he heads the count of delegates and startled after the Democratic alarmists panicked when Bloomberg exploded and Bernie exploded? As a result, politicians forced or encouraged all other primary candidates to free and unite around themselves a person who is not formally a socialist.

Is it a consolation that Biden’s dementia is a reliable defense of the fact that he “doesn’t remember” that he took part in Obama’s efforts to monitor the opposition campaign and cancel the presidential transition?

While all Democrats know that they need to beat the cat, no one wants to take a step forward and remove Biden – and, indeed, no one knows how to steal a nomination from a weakened winner and pass it on to an undeserved but convincing alternative. Destroy Biden in August, and who knows what kind of stampede candidates may follow in today’s crazy landscape?

So what are these strategies for dementia, other than putting Biden on the ice, reinterpreting the election as Trump, against the version of the virus, localization and economic stagnation in the media?

Pity is one of the pretexts. Progressive media have put Biden’s blank looks and word search beyond. We should not remember that Trump was pursued by progressive doctors of medical sciences, to the point that he passed – and received – the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, an exam that no one in his right mind would offer to take Biden now, given that the results would not be surprised

Dementia is also the only good reason why you can legitimately say, “I don’t remember.” Therefore, ask Joe Biden about the strategic sessions in early January 2017 at which Obama, Biden and their minions planned to monitor the Trump campaign and the destruction of Michael Flynn – and he can honestly say: “What is the administration?” Ask Biden about his illiberal past statements, his connections with neo-federal senators or his plagiarism, and without slyness he can answer: “What? What kind of plagiarism? What senators? Burisma? Chinese Biden Hunter? He will look stunned and turn to his assistant to ask: “What is Burisma and who is Hunter?”

Democrats also knew they would lose with Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Bernie Sanders as the top chapter. The primaries, even heavily loaded to the left base, taught them this quite well. The tough left agenda for the winter of 2020 has come to nothing, and in the fall it will go differently from nowhere, after months of television arson, robbery and causeless violence.

On the contrary, even the cardboard version of Biden offers them a look of “moderation”. A Bill Clinton-style ghost, if elected, may allow passage for the left surrogate for president, just as centrist Harry Truman was put on a ticket in 1944 to save the country from the communism of Vice President Henry Wallace,

Translated, this means that the Democratic donor class agrees that they cannot win if they side with the mobs on the street, their pacifiers and apologists – and yet the last left should provide the missing 5-7 points for the victory. With a wink and a nod, the Vice Presidential candidate will be perceived as taking office and giving the left what they could not achieve during the presidential election – while old Joe Biden from Scranton looks at the TV screen a little longer to prove that he is not socialist delirium.

Also expect Democrats to advance the following strategies more and more, as they surround the circle of a crazy candidate, who, however, can be extremely useful – if he can just be elected.

  • Expect more calls to cancel the debate as corrupt, worthless, reality shows and completely unnecessary. Expect the virus blocking to last almost until election day, and de facto lead Democrats to call for a Zoom campaign: Biden talks to the camera using a tele-script behind the screen.

  • They will tell us that voting on election day is just an ossified structure. The key to our new electoral process is not driving a Neanderthal in a voting booth filled with COVID, but rather ballot papers collected by voters.

  • Expect the November vote to be declared pre-distorted, stolen and invalid and then declared valid and fair. if a Biden wins.

  • Expect the blue states to remain economically quarantined, hoping to interrupt recovery. Democratic leaders will never really fight what has so far been the riots and robberies of a “blue state”; chronic chaos and recession will be supported and oriented towards the November elections.

Are there any problems with such Biden basement strategies? Lot.

The far left candidate for vice president will have to send campaign messages as a public assistant and in accordance with Joe Biden. She will privately assure her base that all this is moderate fraud, assuming that left-wing voters are sophisticated and cynical enough to be prepared to lie now in order to gain power in the near future.

It will also be problematic to assure the country that Joe Biden is 110 percent fit to become president in November, but then inform the public by February 2021 that he is crazy and his radical vice president, unfortunately, it’s time to remove him from office. ,

Using Biden as an empty vessel also suggests that he is at least a vessel. But what if Biden, say, October 25, 2020 has one of his forms? Or what if he announces again, but this time at his final rare press conference: “I am going to win [be] Joe Biden! What then? They call Christopher Steele from retirement to make a hasty file on Joe Biden, a delusional nut, and use Yahoo or Mother jones again to drain the dirt in order to change the order for a democratic ticket?

Given the current racial hysteria, how do democratic manipulators swallow Biden’s not always hidden fanaticism? Dementia is often a cruel path to truth, free from ordinary self-censorship, courtesy, and social awareness. Meaning: What if Biden has more “you don’t have black” moments, or Corn Pop has a narrative, or he imitates a black accent to riff about chains, “pure” blacks, etc.? And in the current context, will people forgive when he boasts that his home state of Delaware was once a “slave state”? One or two of these spikes could reduce his share of blacks by up to 80 percent, leading to losses in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida.

In July chaos, Biden handlers were recognized as geniuses for his anesthesia. But at different times in October, he can finally be expelled from his prison, in the wild manner that future robbers and arsonists finally quarantined in June – deferred, angry, rambling and self-confident. destructive.


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