August 12, 2020
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Spotify’s new personalized playlists are designed for your workouts – TechCrunch

Spotify’s new personalized playlists are designed for your workouts – TechCrunch

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Spotify adds a new feature to its collection of personalized playlists for those who like fresh music for their workouts. But unlike its main Discover Weekly offer, which is automatically displayed based on your listening history, training playlists are created for you after you answer a short test posted on the microsite, Soundtrack is your workout.

AliExpress WW

Here, users will click and answer several questions about the type of exercises they perform, the duration of the training, who they work with (children, one with a partner, etc.), the level of intensity and mood. Spotify then syncs this information with your music preferences to set up a playlist for you. You can also include music and podcasts in this playlist if you want.

You can repeat the test at any time to create more personalized playlists by answering questions differently when changing the type of workout. Then they are also added to your playlist collection in the Spotify app for quick access in the future.

Music for training is already very popular in the streaming service, especially among young users. The company found that more than half (53%) of these streaming training tunes were, for example, between the ages of 18 and 29. And in conditions of blocking from the coronavirus, interest in music for training remained high, despite the fact that users could not attend the gym. For example, over the past two months, Spotify students have created over a million workout-related playlists.

“The sound of training has always been the focus of Spotify listeners around the world, and now more than ever, users are finding creative ways to stay active and healthy in the current environment,” said Spotify trend expert Shenon Cook in a statement. about launch.

To launch the new feature, Spotify partnered with a celebrity trainer. Corey Kalliet who created his own personalized soundtrack that is shared Here,

This is not the first time that Spotify uses a microsite to promote its service. The company recently launched efforts such as Listen local, which directs users to answer quiz questions and, if necessary, connect to Spotify to receive local recommendations in selected markets. Also launched Listen together for example, when people start playing the same song.

But Spotify rarely requires a survey to gather information before setting up a playlist on behalf of the user. In this case, it was more necessary, because training can be very different. That is, the melodies and tempo that you want, focusing your mind while doing yoga, and the music that makes you run on a treadmill are often very different.

It’s worth noting that Spotify may use the information collected here in other ways, perhaps to offer future playlists that suit your interests or for advertising purposes,

Of course, as with any personalized playlist that Spotify creates, the result will be as good as the data that you have already provided to the service. If you allow children or other family members to use your account or do not often use Spotify in favor of another service, the playlist may not fully reflect your interests.

New Soundtrack Your Workout destination is alive today.


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