August 9, 2020
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Something Worth Striving For

Something Worth Striving For

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[Editor’sNote:ThiseditionofEconomicPrismwasoriginallypublishedonJuly42019[Editor’sNote:ThiseditionoftheEconomicPrismwasoriginallypublishedonJuly042019as[Примечаниередактора:этоиздание«Экономическойпризмы»былопервоначальноопубликовано4июля2019годакак[Editor’sNote:ThiseditionoftheEconomicPrismwasoriginallypublishedonJuly042019asIndependence Day in America around 2019, Topics explored inside are even more relevant today. So we erased it, made a few updates, and republish it. Enjoy!]


In the northern hemisphere, there are long and hot days when real American patriots spit on their hands and raise stars and stripes. On July 4, free and courageous, with debts and self-sacrifice, they are reluctant to accept payment of federal leave in order to get on their feet. Stormy individualism and uncompromising independence are essential to their character.

With purpose and intent, they gather like cheerful crowds along the coastline to celebrate American independence. Freedom lovers – descendants of Buffalo Bill – gather to eat hot dogs and horseshoes while they drink corn syrup and fermented corn. When the sun sets over the western horizon and the stars twinkle brightly, they scream and scream from the sparkle of fireworks and sparkling pyrotechnics.

In most years, these celebrations confirm that even in the era of a large government, time and place remain to enjoy the virtues of representative self-government. Of course, usually everyone is welcome if their vehicles are registered, they pay income tax and have proper documentation. But not this year. At least not in some jurisdictions.

After all, this is the age of the coronavirus. In some countries of the free land, no one is welcome. For example, in Los Angeles County, the Council of Observers closed beaches, piers, beach bike lanes and access points to beaches from July 3 to 6 to “prevent dangerous crowds.”

According to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s statement, breaking the beach closure is tantamount to fines of up to $ 1,000. However, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he would not follow the order because the district “First and foremost care, prisons.”

What to do with it?

The right to assembly. Freedom. Freedom. Independence. Limited government representation. Reliable money. Private property rights. A modest and respected population. Prevention of foreign barriers. Rafting on the Mississippi River. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Trim the waist line.

These ideas, in truth, have disappeared from everyday life over the past century, like a horse-drawn plow. Alas, the republic was lost long before Elvis drank his last pill. The cast networks of Washington have since conquered the whole world. You can do little to not get caught in an intricate network.

But why spoil such a magical day with the truth?

Instead, we add to magic a look back into the not too distant past. In a magical time and place – before the Department of Homeland Security, Facebook, Google and contact trackers were there to track your every move. Back when freedom was a little freer. And destroying the currency was a little trickier … before the Fed press was constantly gaining Brrrr,

Creative Destruction

Boiling points in politics, business and popular culture are often exceeded, it would seem, with a little advance notice. Then, in a short time, the revolution destroys the status quo of existence. Only later will it become clear that the pot was boiling for many years – or decades – before the eruption.

In the early 1990s, Steve Rocco, a Hermosa Beach freestanding scrub freestanding haymaking in the corporate skateboard industry. With a budget for shoe laces funded by predatory loans from a shark named Kirby, Rocco quickly cracked down on three big skate companies that, looking back, became thick and stale. In the classic case of Joseph Schumpeter’s “storm of creative destruction”, he revolutionized industry and the subculture.

Large skateboarding companies, which in the late 1980s benefited from the popular appeal of ice skating at nativity scenes, moved the sport to a place inaccessible to the next generation of skaters. To protect marketing investments in their sponsored professionals, many of which are one step behind, large skate companies have acted as gatekeepers; consolidation of new talents in the professional ranks.

Rocco, thanks to innovations in design, relentless fuss and a cunning parody, exposed what became an elitist industry. In the blink of an eye, the products of the old guard were out of date, its brands were unified, and its advantages were absent. Sales collapsed.

Street skating, which was available to any child with a blackboard, replaced top skating as the vanguard of sports. Rocco, World Industries, has benefited from this like no other. In fact, a documentary, The man who animated the worldshows how he did it; in less than 90 minutes and at no cost, you will learn more about entrepreneurship than any unusual business school could teach you.

But that’s not all…

Something worth striving for

The creative destruction of the Rocco skateboarding industry has opened the sport for new and much larger groups of hungry children. Through partnerships and distribution agreements, World Industries has opened the door for many new companies owned and operated by skaters. This, in fact, opened the flood gates to a huge wave of energy, urgency, youth, creativity and fear, which hit the industry in wild and unpredictable ways.

For example, Plan B, created by Mike Ternaski (RIP) in 1991, was formed in accordance with a distribution agreement with World Industries. Ternasky’s visit was to create a super-team – to sponsor the most talented skaters and actively expand the boundaries of what is physically possible. Matt Hensley, Rodney Mullen, Danny Way, Colin Mackay, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Pat Duffy and others have quickly advanced in sports beyond comprehension.

Many inexplicable tricks were invented and successfully performed by the Plan B. Skaters. The team’s creativity, excellence, style, grace and the ideal “develop or go home” was best demonstrated on July 9, 2005. It was then that Danny Way, having suffered a crushing blow to his initial attempt the day before, was stuck with a mammoth. 360 air over the Great Wall of China,

Since the time of Genghis Khan, in 1216 AD, the Great Wall has not been successfully destroyed. But what’s the point? Or, to be more precise, what does Steve Rocco, World Industries, Danny Way have to do with Independence Day?

Frankly, this is much more connected with American independence than there are hot dogs and throwing a few cans of foam on the beach. That is the point …

The US economy and, accordingly, the global economy have reached a boiling point. You can see it. You can feel it. You can hear it. You can feel it. You can try this.

Currently, government planners and planners are lining up their weary plans to unfold at the time of maximum panic. The care law is only the beginning. Economic patriotism, universal basic income, modern monetary theory, trade wars, the complete destruction of currency, the strengthening of state control and the encroachment on freedom and freedom.

Plans, however, will not fix what will happen. Moreover, these central planning programs, condoning extreme populism, will only exacerbate it.

Thus, in the American tradition of freedom, liberty, and independence, act like Rocco. Create something new and according to your own rules.

A central government can end up confiscating every last dollar you earn.

But, with luck, you will contribute to the “storm of creative destruction” that permeates the status quo, like a tornado in the Midwest.

Wishful thinking? May be.

Although on Independence Day in America, around 2020, this is worth striving for.


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