July 5, 2020
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Russiagate's Last Gasp

Russiagate’s Last Gasp

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Posted by Ray McGovern through ConsortiumNews.com,

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On Friday New York Times it contained a report, based by anonymous intelligence officials, that the Russians paid generous rewards for the killing of US troops in Afghanistan, and President Donald Trump refused to do anything about it. The ensuing stream of messages in the establishment’s media is additional evidence, if necessary, that the old “recording paper” earned a new nickname, the Gray Lady of easy virtue.

On weekends timeDoubtful accusations have captured headlines in all the media, which are likely to remain indelible in the minds of gullible Americans – which seems to have been the main goal. To make the pot boil this morning, New York Times’ The Daily Web of David Leonardt a piece“Morning” pays great attention to the banal article Heather Cox Richardson, described as a historian at Boston College, added concrete allegations to Trump’s general charge, showing “how the Trump administration continues to favor Russia.” The following is from the Richardson mailing list on Friday:

“On April 1, a Russian plane delivered fans and other medical supplies to the United States … a propaganda coup for Russia;

“On April 25, Trump raised his eyebrows, issuing a joint statement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 75th anniversary of the historic meeting of American and Soviet troops on the bridge over the Elbe River in Germany, which marked the final defeat of the Nazis;

“On May 3, Trump called Putin and talked for an hour and a half, a discussion that Trump called“ very positive ”;

“On May 21, the United States sent a $ 5.6 million humanitarian aid package to Moscow to help fight the coronavirus. The supply included 50 fans, another 150 promised for the next week; …

“On June 15, there was news that Trump ordered the withdrawal of 9,500 troops from Germany, where they support NATO against Russian aggression. … “

Historian Richardson added:

“All these friendly proposals of Russia were quite alarming when all we knew was that Russia attacked the US elections in 2016, and does it again in 2020. But it’s much worse that these steps took place when the administration knew that Russia was actively targeting American soldiers. … the bad news apparently prompted the concerned intelligence staff to give up hope that the administration would respond to the crisis and instead pass the story on to two major newspapers. ”

Hear the siren? Children, sit down at the desks!

The tale that Russia pays for the dead US troops

time readers of print media had to wait until morning to find out about Trump’s statement yesterday that he hadn’t been informed of the story about the villains about the murder awards, as it was, well, leprosy.

Late in the evening, the president tweeted: “Intel just informed me that they did not consider this information reliable, and therefore did not inform me or the vice president. … “

For those of us who don’t trust time – for good reason – for such neuralgic issues, the story of the rewards has already diminished. Like Scott Ritter pointed out yesterday:

Perhaps the biggest fragility clue New York TimesThe report is contained in one sentence on the search for sources “They say that intelligence estimates are based, at least in part, on interrogations of captured Afghan fighters and criminals.” This proposal contains almost everything you need to know about these intelligence services, including the fact that the source of information is most likely the Afghan government, as reported by the CIA. … “

And who can forget how successful investigators can be in obtaining the desired answers.

The reaction of Russia and the Taliban

The Kremlin called time saying “stupidity … an inexperienced plant” and from the point of view of Russia, the accusations do not make much sense; Moscow will see them for who they are – attempts to show that Trump is too “compliant” with Russia.

The Taliban spokesman called this story “unfounded,” adding with obvious pride that “we” committed “targeted killings” for many years “on our own resources.”

Participants in the Taliban-USA. Peace Signing Ceremony in Doha, Qatar, February 29, 2020. (State Department / Ron Przysucha)

Russia is not friends with the Taliban. At the same time, for several years it was clear that the United States would have to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Remember five decades and remember how prudent the advice in Vietnam was. The rhetorical support of the fraternal communist nation was de rigueur and some ground-to-air missiles gave some substance to this support.

But Moscow from the very beginning realized that Washington had begun a stupid errand in Vietnam. There will be no interest in direct participation. So, the Soviets leaned back and smugly watched as the Vietnamese Communists drove the US forces to their “own resources.” As in the case of the Viet Cong, the Taliban do not need incentives for remuneration from abroad.

President Lyndon Johnson announces a “retaliatory” strike on North Vietnam in response to alleged attacks on US warships in the Gulf of Tonkin on August 4, 1964. (LBJ library)

In addition, the Russians painfully knew – from their own bitter experience in Afghanistan, what would be the result of a recent stupid assignment for the United States. What is the point they will see, doing what they do? New York Times and other establishment media blame them?

CIA misinformation; Casey in Bath

Former CIA Director William Casey said: “We will find out when our disinformation program ends, when everything that the American public considers false.”

Casey made this remark at the first cabinet meeting in the White House under President Ronald Reagan in early 1981, according to Barbara Honegger, who was an assistant to the chief adviser on domestic politics. Honegger was there, took notes and then told the senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, who, in turn, made it public.

If Casey’s spirit somehow observes the success of the disinformation program called The Gates of Russia, one can imagine how proud it should be. But sustained advocacy success can be a serious problem. The Russiagate Channel lasted three and a half years. This is the last choking effort led by timeIt would probably take a little more weekend to breathe more life into it – despite the redoubled efforts of the Casey Dictum followers.

Russiagate itself fell apart, although it is unlikely that anyone will know about this from the media of the establishment. There is no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Even the sacred principle that Russians hacked DNC emails published Wikileaks was disproved, with the head of the DNC hired cyber security firm CrowdStrike admitting what is there no evidence that DNC ​​emails were hacked – by Russia or anyone else,

US attorney John Durham. (Wikipedia)

How long does it take time to know the story of CrowdStrike, available from May 7?

One sacred cow remained in the media: an incorrect assessment of the “intelligence community” of January 6, 2017, alleging that President Putin himself ordered the hacking of the DPR. This “assessment”, carried out by “selected analysts” only from the CIA, the FBI and the NSA (not all 17 intelligence services of the “intelligence community”), is reported to be closely monitored by US Attorney John Durham, appointed by the Attorney General to investigate the origin of Russiagate.

If Durham considers this a fraud (not a difficult task), senior intelligence and law enforcement officials may give up. It would also mean an even deeper influence on the authority of the media establishment, who are too eager to drink the help of Kool and leave a lot to drink for all of us.

Do not expect the media to cease and abstain, simply because Trump had a good squelch for them last night, namely: the “intelligence” at the “awards” was not considered good enough to be presented to the president.

(As a compiler and summary of the President’s Daily Briefing for Presidents Reagan and H.S. Bush, I can attest to the fact that – based on what has been discovered so far – the story of the Russian award does not reach the threshold of the PDB.)

Rejection of intelligence ratings

However, corporate media is likely to support the Trump administration’s rejection of what the media calls an “intelligence assessment” of Russia’s proposal – as Rachel Maddow unconditionally put it on Friday – “an award for scalping US soldiers in Afghanistan.”

I’m not a regular observer of Maddow, but I thought she upset – actually, much higher.

The media asks: “Why does Trump continue to disrespect intelligence community estimates?” There he goes again – not believing our “intelligence community”; rather, on the side of Putin.

In other words, we cannot expect that the media and national security intruders that served as the blood of their lives will not back down. As for anchors and pundits, their level of complexity was reflected yesterday in Chuck Todd’s wise conjecture, “The Face of the Nation,” reminding us of Aaron Matte, “an adult and professional media person.” Todd asked guest John Bolton: “Do you think the president is afraid to piss off Putin because maybe Putin helped him win the election and he doesn’t want to piss him off for 2020?”

“It’s as bad as it can.” Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, adding an aphorism that she remembered a few months ago: “All roads lead to Putin.” Insincerely deceitful statement by the media establishment is an no matter how bad this may turn out, although this, of course, is not what Pelosi had in mind. She obviously lifted the line straight from time about how Trump is too “kind” to Russia.

You can read this most recent wave of Russia, Russia, Russia as a reflection of the need to preempt the conclusions that may appear to Durham and Attorney General William Barr in the coming months – about the theory that the best defense is advance Crime

Meanwhile, we can expect corporate media to continue to be dishonored.


Caitlin johnston usually doesn’t pull without punches regarding Russian generosity:

All parties involved in the spread of this malignant psychopath are absolutely vile, but special attention should be paid to the class of the media, to which the public has been entrusted with the main task of creating an informed population and holding them accountable. How unprincipled a whore should you be to call yourself a journalist and uncritically scare absolutely unfounded ghost allegations while protecting their anonymity? How much work did these imperial furry workers invest in destroying every scrap of their dignity? This is incomprehensible to the mind.

It’s really funny how the most influential news agencies in the Western world imitate critically what they are told by the most powerful and depraved special services on the planet, and then turn around and tell you without a hint of self-awareness that Russia and China are bad because they have state-owned media.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.


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