August 12, 2020
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Ron Paul: Is The Texas COVID "Spike" Fake News?

Ron Paul: Is The Texas COVID “Spike” Fake News?

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Posted by Ron Paul through the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity,

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On July 2, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a decree ordering face masks to be worn throughout the state, whether indoors or outdoors, when six feet cannot be kept between people. In the governor’s decree, he referred to an increase in the number of cases of Covid, an increase in the positive test and an increase in hospitalizations as an excuse to force people to cover their faces in public.

This step is not only a violation of civil liberties of all Texans. Abbott may have based his order on inaccurate information about the “rise” in Covid’s affairs due to the Texas Department of Health’s redefinition of the Cowid case.

Special thanks to Judge Collin County Chris Hill for reporting that a mid-May movement to redefine what was the “Covid” affair to open the door to a huge increase – everything to match the main line of the media that the “second wave” was on the way.

IN Jury trial for Colleen County on May 18, was discovered that although Covid’s earlier definition of “case” was a confirmed test result, the definition was suddenly changed to count “probable” cases as “cases”. At the same time, the threshold for determining “probable” was reduced to a ridiculous level.

As Judge Hill said at a May 18 meeting: “If you have a subjective fever and have a headache and live in Colleen County, then you are now eligible to become a probable patient with COVID. It’s amazing how low the standard is now. ”

Worse, after a “probable” case was determined based on possibly unrelated subjective criteria, up to 15 people who might have contact with this “probable” case were also listed as “probable cases”. And the “probable cases” were considered cases.

Repeat this farce through Texas, and is it not surprising that there was a “surge” in “affairs”?

In addition, Governor Abbott’s claim that the hospitals were crowded with Covid patients was refuted by the Houston hospital directors themselves, who stated that they had not reached actual capacity and were actually at the same level as last year.

The basis of Abbott’s unconstitutional “executive order” turned out to be false. Does he admit his mistake?

It is gratifying to see so many local and district officials throughout Texas claim that they will refuse to enforce unconstitutional orders from Governor Abbott. Fortunately, the spirit of freedom and the love of freedom is still alive in Texas.

The “second wave” is driven by propaganda. Across the country, Covid testing increased from 150,000 to over 700,000 per day. You cannot drive through Houston without seeing a flurry of advertising “Free Covid Test! Results in 15 minutes! Reuters reported last week that trials sent nationwide by the federal government were contaminated.

Mortality from coronavirus — even death “from” the coronavirus rather than from the “coronavirus” — has fallen by more than 90 percent since its peak in April. The decline in mortality continues. This means that we are closer to the “herd immunity” that will finally kill this virus. However, Governor Abbott and others across the country see this as a reason to block the country back.


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