August 9, 2020
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Reasons to be Fun: Another Global Crisis

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  1. Helen M Robertsprofessor of child health research,
  2. Rose Saffronprofessor of translational psychology
  1. UCL Great Ormond Street Children’s Health Institute, London, WC1N 1EH, UK
  1. h.roberts {on}

Nelson is right.1 Covid-19 is not the only global emergency. We still have a chance to simply act on another emergency – the climate – to reduce inequality and save lives. Holgate reminds us that the air we breathe carries both danger and life.2 After the dangers of air pollution in London were recognized in the 1950s, acts of clean air that followed a reduction in fossil fuel emissions with dramatic effects.

AliExpress WW

If appealing to another emergency when it is occupied by Covid 19 seems futile, there are words of comfort from Pete Hain, a Danish scientist using a pen as his weapon during the Nazi occupation.

Losing one glove certainly hurts

But nothing

Compared to pain

Lose one

Throwing another one away

And find

First again.

Pete hein3

Despite this, change is difficult. Academics and doctors often make recommendations to others, but what happens when we are the ones who need to change? How will individuals and institutions balance one set of values ​​— improved air quality and reduced respiratory illness — compared to others — travel costs for global citizenship or new hospital buildings?

Researchers, young people, clinicians and locals, as well as the leader in the sustainable development of Great Ormond Street Hospital, use the clean air hospital structure as the basis for their discussion on air – the first in the world jointly developed by the Global Plan of Action and Great Ormond Hospital Street45. quality. Together with colleagues from the School of Planning and Law named. Bartlett at the University of California and University Leader for Sustainability, we are exploring how unprofessional and specialist knowledge can influence politics and cause actual and substantiated change at the local level and beyond. 6

Covid-19 offers an unprecedented opportunity to see the world as it could be when air pollution is reduced. Another report thundering at the table of politicians is not a way to attract their attention, and the reaction to the current crisis means that instead of shouting from the outside “let us in, let us in”, we push the door ajar

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