July 10, 2020
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Patients who recovered from covid-19: issuance of certificates and voluntary registration

AliExpress WW
  1. Raj BhopalEmeritus Professor of Public Health
  1. Asher Institute, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 9AG, UK
  1. raj.bhopal {} on ed.ac.uk

In my quick reply of March 211 updated April 9, 20202 about covid-19, creating unusual times that require creative reactions,3 I wrote that people who recovered from a proven infection and did not spread the virus were a potentially invaluable asset. Having recovered, I suggested that they should have at least partial, temporary immunity. I recommended that we give them a certificate indicating that they will be largely, if not completely, immune to a second infection this year.

AliExpress WW

I expected reliable antibody testing to become available, which would provide additional confidence in the immune status, which is becoming true, although this …


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