August 11, 2020
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Musk Tweets Link To "Limited Edition" Short Shorts At Tesla's Online Store

Musk Tweets Link To “Limited Edition” Short Shorts At Tesla’s Online Store

AliExpress WW

In what becomes the ultimate manifestation of pride – or perhaps a deliberate distraction from Gizlen Maxwell photo this is progressing on the Internet faster than the coronavirus is spreading around the world – Elon Musk wrote on Sunday afternoon that Tesla will now sell “short shorts,” which is a continuation of the split among short sellers.

AliExpress WW

Recall that last week Musk hit both SECs – again referring to them as the “Short Sales Enrichment Commission” and possibly assuming the fellate regulator him – and short sellers.

“Who wears short shorts” Musk tweeted last week opposing short sellers. And in a separate exchange, Musk seemed to be offering his consent to a pair of short gold-trimmed shorts that bore the inscription “S *** Elon’s C ***”.

Musk took a stupid joke from the start, filled with pride and possibly other mind-altering ego, and doubled it on Sunday when he tweeted that “limited edition shorts are now available” at the Tesla store.

He posted a link to a store showing current shorts for sale.

“Just $ 69,420!” Musk tweeted, giving the best impression that the middle school student laughed awkwardly, firing his nasal beer at the Dungeons and Dragons board when they first heard the sexual joke.

“Celebrate summer with Tesla shorts. Run like the wind or have fun like Liberace with our red satin and gold design. Relax by the pool or in the living room year-round with our limited-edition Tesla shorts. ‘S3XY’ across the back. Enjoy exceptional call comfort“The product description says.

Musk, meanwhile, continues to quarrel with journalist Ken Klippenstein as we posted in our article this morningAs for the details of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Gislen Maxwell, if any.

But at least he can do it, knowing that another day has passed when he “surpassed” the short sellers.

As for the shorts …


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