August 9, 2020
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Lifestyles Of The Mega-Rich & Fearful: Inside The Luxury Apocalypse Bunker

Lifestyles Of The Mega-Rich & Fearful: Inside The Luxury Apocalypse Bunker

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When it comes to Doomsday bunkers, we could find a Cadillac underground shelter so the superrich can survive pandemic virus and the socio-economic explosion of America.

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It is called Condo survivalThe hall is buried 200 feet underground in the middle of rural Kansas, a few hundred miles from Kansas City. This is a recently equipped Cold War nuclear bunker that houses underground apartments that can withstand a 12-kiloton nuclear warhead.

Condominiums cost between $ 1 million and an additional condo fee of $ 2,500 per month to cover bunker expenses such as food, ammunition, electricity, and Internet connectivity.

CNET spoke with Larry Hall, owner of Survival Condominium, who said the bunker is 15 floors and buried 200 feet underground.

“Under the dome in a cylindrical bunker, there are another 14 floors – on the three upper floors you will find mechanical rooms, medical facilities and a grocery store (complete with a complete installation of hydroponics and aquaculture), followed by seven Levels of residential condominiums. Downstairs, on the last four floors, there is a classroom and a library, a cinema and a bar, as well as a gym (with sauna), ”CNET said.

The Survival Condo website lists the key features:

  • Elevator and stairwell Access throughout the property.
  • Over 20,000 square feet of space in a monolithic dome.
  • Backup electrical sources.
  • Reserve water supply with minimum 75,000 gallon reserve tanks.
  • Back-up air filtration, including nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) filtration.
  • Production of organic hydroponics and aquaculture.
  • The main store.
  • Indoor pool and spa, as well as a range of workouts.
  • Custom theater.
  • Custom Bar & Lounge.
  • Library and classroom.
  • Center for management and control.
  • Ambulance Medical Center.
  • Communication center complete with local internet access.
  • Digital weather station.

The maximum capacity of the facility is 75 people, who can live for about five years. Here are some of the features of the condo:

  • The Full-Floor layout is approximately 1,820 square feet of living space.
  • Half the floor is about 900 square feet of living space.
  • The maximum capacity for full and half layout is 10 and 5 respectively.
  • Complete kitchens with high quality stainless appliances.
  • A full range of LED lighting throughout.
  • Kohler fixtures throughout.
  • 50-inch LED TV and off-site remote home automation system.
  • Keyless biometric access.
  • Each unit is fully furnished and professionally decorated.
  • Each unit comes with a five-year supply of food per person.
  • A washing machine and dryer in each unit.

There is also a shooting range and a pool to keep people ready for the apocalypse.

The smallest unit costs about 1 million dollars, and the largest about 3 million dollars. Apartments are mainly owned by wealthy elites:

“All of our people are millionaires who have made their money,” Hall said. “They are very successful: doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen from different countries … almost everyone has children. And they are concerned about the what-if scenario. ”

Video: Inside the Doomsday Bunker

Somewhere in the Kansas countryside – millionaires have a luxury bunker where they can America’s socio-economic explosionMay even withstand a nuclear explosion if the president decides to start a war with China. In the end, President Trump did not spend trillions of dollars on the military to look at new shiny hypersonic missiles and fifth-generation fighters at future parades in Washington, DC. The rich are preparing for the final game – the world has already entered a period of chaos, which may persist until the 2020s.


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