August 12, 2020
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Gmail for G Suite gets deep integrations with Chat, Meet, Rooms and more – TechCrunch

Gmail for G Suite gets deep integrations with Chat, Meet, Rooms and more – TechCrunch

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Google is an launch Today we will see a major update of our G Suite productivity tools, which will integrate deeply the integration of Gmail, chat, Meet and Rooms on the web and mobile devices, as well as other tools such as calendar, documents, sheets and slides. This integration will become available in the program for beginners G Suite, with a wider implementation in the future.

AliExpress WW

The G Suite team worked on this project for about a year, although it quickly tracked the Gmail / Meet integration, which was originally planned as part of today’s release, as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the heart of today’s update is the idea that we all constantly switch between different ways of communication, whether it is email, chat, voice or video. Thus, with this update, the company brings it all together, and Gmail is currently the focal point, given that this is where most users already somehow end up for hours in a row.

Google positions this initiative as “the best home for work,” and in practice this means that you will see not only deeper integration between products, such as filling out a calendar and managing files in Gmail, but also the ability to have video open chat with one sides of the window, and on the other hand, jointly edit the document in real time.

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According to G Suite vice president and GM Javier Soltero, the general idea here is not to bring all these tools closer together to reduce the task switching that users have to do.

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“We are announcing something that we worked on before I joined Google last year: a new integrated workspace designed to combine all the basic components of communication and collaboration into a single surface, and not just to combine these ingredients into the same glass panel, but at the same time they understand something more than the sum of its parts, ”he told me before today’s announcement. “The degree of integration between different modes of communication, in particular email, chat and video calls and voice video communications, along with existing physical capabilities for collaboration.”

Just like on the Internet, Google also revealed some of its plans when it first announced last major gmail mobile update in maywith its Meet integration in the form of a new panel at the bottom of the screen to move between Mail and Meet. Thus, he expands this to include support for chat and rooms. Soltero noted that Google calls these four products the “four pillars of an integrated workspace.” Combining them all in one application means that you can control the behavior of notifications for all of them, for example, in one place and without cumbersome task switching on mobile devices.

At the moment, these updates apply only to G Suite, although they are similar to Google’s work aimed at introducing Meet to consumers, the company also plans to provide users with this workspace environment, but how it will look like is still unknown. “Now we are really focused. People who urgently need this are those who are involved in a productivity scenario. This idea of ​​a “new home for work” is much more about working together, which depends on professional conditions, productivity and jobs, ”said Soltero.

But that is not all …

Google also announces several new updates to its G Suite line today. For example, chats now receive shared files and tasks, with the ability to assign tasks and invite users from outside your company to rooms. These rooms now also allow you to open chats on one side and edit a document on the other, without switching to a completely different web application.

In addition, Gmail has the ability to search not only e-mail, but also chats, as well as new tools for fixing important rooms and new “do not disturb” and “out of office” settings.

One of the great new features of these new integrated workspaces is that Google is also working with some of its partners to integrate their applications into their applications. The company specifically mentions DocuSign, Salesforce and Trello. These companies already offer some in-depth Gmail integrations, including integration with the Gmail sidebar, so we will probably see this list expand over time.

The meeting itself will also receive updates with “knocking controls” in the coming weeks to ensure that after you throw someone out of the meeting, that person will not be able to return, as well as security locks that help the meeting organizers decide who can chat or attend a meeting.

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