August 6, 2020
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Florida reports second consecutive day of record coronavirus cases, highest since pandemic began

Fourth of July weekend will test American discipline, as cases of coronavirus have reached a record high

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The U.S. set off on the weekend of July 4th, where many parades and fireworks were canceled, beaches and bars closed, and health authorities warned that this would be a crucial test of American self-control, which could determine the trajectory of a surge in coronavirus.

AliExpress WW

With confirmed cases rising in 40 states, governors ordered the wearing of masks in public, and families were urged to celebrate their independence at home. Even then, they were told that cooking in the backyard was small.

Health experts agree that this will be a key point in determining whether a nation is sliding into a deeper mess. The fear is that weekend crowded pool parties, picnics and parades will spur growth.

“We are not going to arrest people for holding meetings, but we will certainly prevent it,” said Dr. Jeff Duchin, director of public health in Seattle and King County.

Those who decide that they should get together with a small group of family members should be careful, he said: “Do not share dishes, do not share objects, do not pass them back and forth, because you are transmitting this virus around.”

Warnings sounded after the weekend of Memorial Day, when many people left their homes to go to the beach, restaurants and family gatherings. Since then, the number of confirmed infections per day in the US has risen sharply to the highest ever more than double.

The United States set another record on Friday with 52,300 new registered cases, according to estimates saved by Johns Hopkins University. Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas have been hit hardest.

Despite all this, fireworks and social events will continue to take place scattered throughout the country, many of which will take into account social distances. In Ohio, the July 4th Parade in Upper Arlington will take a much longer route through its surroundings so residents can watch without missing the streets.

“We call it the front porch,” said organizer Sam Porter. “We just can’t do anything.”

Fireworks will be launched from four locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so people can ooo and aaa from home, rather than gather in one place.

President Donald Trump was set to travel to south dakota on Friday at Mount Rushmore’s fireworks show, and then returning to the country’s capital for military flyovers on Saturday and the mile-long demonstration pyrotechnic show at the National Mall that his administration promises will be the biggest in recent times. Up to 300,000 masks will be issued, but not required.

The big party will continue the objections of the mayor of Washington.

“Ask yourself, do you need to be there? Ask yourself if you can anticipate or know who everything will be around you. If you go to the city center, do you know if you can be at a social distance? ” Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

Beaches that were open for the traditional start of summer on Memorial Day weekend will be banned in many places, including Southern Florida, Southern California, and the Gulf Coast.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that Americans who go to the beach wear face protection but not in water.

With the abolition of professional pyrotechnic displays, authorities are preparing for fires and injuries caused by Americans firing fireworks from the house. Sales of fireworks were on the rise, which, according to some sellers, may reflect a desire to get a little excited among people who have been locked up for so long.

Jamie Parrott, a pediatric neurologist from Columbia, South Carolina, said he intends to stay home with his grandchildren, setting up fireworks and eating hamburgers, because this is a safer course for older people like him.

“We will be confused,” he said.

The Delaware governor ordered bars in some beach towns to close before the holiday, saying that people were happy with masks and social distance. The coastal city of Wildwood, Jersey, canceled fireworks, and Lake Erie, Put-in Bay, Ohio, did the same after health officials linked a small number of coronavirus cases to bars on the island.

Hearing that the governor of Michigan warns of the need to be smart in connection with the growth in the number of cases, Mary Halle of Jonesville said that her family canceled plans for a weekend on Lake Michigan.

“We had some disappointed children, but we knew, as a family, we could not do this,” she said.

The problem, she said, is that too many people do not listen to experts. “Even in my small little town, there are many people who don’t follow orders,” she said.

Dr. Don Williamson, head of the Alabama Hospital Association, said he was “really very concerned about the fourth of July.”

“I think this is likely to determine the trend for Alabama for the rest of the summer,” he said.


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