August 9, 2020
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Dr. Fauci Is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch

Dr. Fauci Is No Nostradamus: How COVID-19 Ran Amok Under His Watch

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Michelle de Nostradamus born in Saint-Remy, in the south of France, in 1503. In addition to the gifts that he will one day study in astrology, he was educated to become a doctor. After his first year at the University of Avignon, an outbreak of plague swept through France, causing the university to close.

Undaunted, Nostradamus opened a pharmacy before entering the University of Montpellier for a doctorate. But the second plague struck, disrupting his plan; the plague also killed his first wife and two children. During the outbreak, he joined city doctors to fight and control the plague. They succeeded.

Nostradamus remarried, gave birth to six children and wrote an almanac. Well received, he developed his visionary ability, combining astrology and biblical visions of recent times, to become the most famous forecaster in the world over the past thousand years. He captured his dark revelations in The prophecieswriting a collection of 942 quatrains.

Knowing more about his life, activities, interests and experiences – surviving after two ulcers fighting at the forefront of one outbreak – many will now see Nostradamus in a new light. It is not surprising that his visions were inclined to death and darkness.

In contrast, the doctor Anthony FauciBorn on Christmas Eve in 1940 in Brooklyn, New York, and lived a completely different life. However, there are parallels between the two men. Both pursued a medical career. Both survived two plagues throughout their lives. In the case of Fauci, he was pulled into the epicenter of the AIDS / HIV epidemic of the 1980s when he became director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIH (NIAID). In the spring of 2020, he wandered into the spotlight of the COVID19 pandemic, which was one of the “experts” of the White House task force.

The big delta between Dr. Fauci and Nostradamus comes down to the ability to predict the future. In addition to the supernatural ability of Nostradamus to predict the first two world wars, two of the three “antichrists” in Napoleon and Hitler, the assassinations of US presidents and the attack on the twin towers 9/11 centuries before the events occurred, Fauci predicted a pandemic in 2017, for three years before it happened.

Dr. Fauci shared his foresight with medical colleagues at a forum in Georgetown when he stated “There will be an unexpected outbreak during Trump’s first term.”

Fauci’s prediction was not caused by the alignment of stars and planets or a passage from the Bible. No, he did not develop such a gift. Instead, he achieved foresight by managing the financing of zoonotic viruses.amplitude-of-function“research work. In 2018, he joined the new division of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Council for Monitoring Readiness. (GPMB) be in practice with pandemic planning, a whole year after his “prophecy”. Most likely, he advised or participated in the development of the first-ever World Bank “Pandemic Link” In the same year. In addition, Fauci also helped GPMB write its first annual report, which announced the training, simulation, and release of at least one “deadly respiratory pathogen.”

Laying the Coronavirus Prediction Deck

Unlike Nostradamus, it seems that Fauci has helped initiate the release of a new coronavirus, triggering pandemic paranoia and now, raising new concerns about the upcoming “second wave”, insisting that only the COVID vaccine will allow society to “return to normal life.” He did his best to kick inexpensive hydroxychloroquine on the sidelines promoting ultra-expensive Remdesivir as a temporary fix until the vaccine becomes available. In addition, Fauci spent a lot of political capital on contradictions with President Trump – and with him – almost every day for several weeks.

And the NIAID Director is still the only source of reliable information about the virus. Right.

Recent Congress of Dr. Fauci certificate there was a master class on coronavirus on how to provide politicians and the mainstream media with the food they wanted to hear. He deftly avoided giving any firm answers to the credits, how long they can last, “neutralizing antibodies”, or other language dexterity.

Fauci to be unfamiliar with SARS-CoV-2?

How is this possible? For half a century, his career has focused on infectious diseases and finding vaccines to prevent them. More specifically, why doesn’t Fauci know more – much more – about this particular outbreak?

  • He predicted it.

  • He has funded Bat-SAR virus research.

  • He was involved in an outbreak of SARS in 2003. The same goes for the MERS epidemic in the Middle East in 2012.

  • He sat at the decision table on how to “plan and prepare” the coronavirus. He was there during the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

  • And in 2016, he famously reacted to the threat of Zika in a disgusting road show with the then director of CDC Tom Friedenof #I also The fame that lasted from March to November Sunday before the presidential election. This evening, 60 minutes Foci and Frieden presented fear of Zika’s pandemic. At the same time, the CDC director showed CBS reporters a tour of the pandemic preparedness warehouse in case the “big one” succeeds.

We have six months for this pandemic, and we only witnessed the gross incompetence of the CDC, corruption with the coronavirus data and testingand deliberate efforts to prohibit all natural remedies that help strengthen people’s immune systems, such as exercise, high doses of vitamin C, oxygen therapy such as HBOT and ozone, vitamin D and sunlight, and more. Isn’t that what the CDC, Fauci, and Bill Gates tried to sell with vaccines?

Never doubt that Dr. Fauci is a scientist with a political connotation that protects the US health authorities from the well-being of the American people and even from the office of president. Don’t be fooled: no one knows more about coronavirus and epidemics than Dr. Anthony Fauchi. He even claims it with a smug know-it-all smirk.

Global Readiness Monitoring Board

GPMB Board of Directors Who is who of the international socialist politicians and leaders. Former Norwegian Prime Minister Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, known for Agenda 21, is co-chairing many of the players responsible for the current global catastrophe.

Three out of six members of the GPMB board include Dr. Anthony Fauci; Dr. Chris Elias, President, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Development Program; and Dr. George Fu Gao, Director General of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Gao is a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Given only these three board members, many questions arise:

  • Should the United States Share Virus Information with the CCP during the New Economic Cold War?

  • Should we partner with a communist country that violated human rights, broke off its 50-year treaty with Hong Kong three decades ago, and renewed its 1999 “Unlimited War” Doctrine in which riots, pandemics, and economic wars are fair play?

  • Has the US directed its national security policies regarding biological threats and foreign powers to organizations such as the Gates Foundation?

  • Who is the director of a US health agency serving on the global pandemic planning board of the World Health Organization?

  • Why is Dr. Fauchi allowed to share state, possibly secret, information with the head of the Gates Foundation and the director of the CDC in China?

Two other acute problems are known facts: Fauchi was a member of the Gates Foundation’s governing board from 2003 to 2010, and he financed the Wuhan Research and Development Laboratory with “enhanced function” in the last decade.

What we don’t know is what Fauci knew and when.

Since members of the board of directors of a company, nonprofit, nongovernmental or governmental organization will be aware of the contents of their organization’s annual report, it is safe to say that Dr. Fauchi knew about the deliberate release of the UN “deadly respiratory pathogen”.

The next question is: did WHO-GPMB participate in the production of live viruses? If so, will Dr. Fauci be held accountable? And was he involved in the planning stage for the release of the pathogen leading to COVID19?

Three obvious facts are clear about Fauci and WHO’s participation in COVID19:

  1. Dr. Anthony Fauci sat on the board of directors of GPMB.

  2. He was aware of the contents of his first annual report, “The world is in danger.”

  3. UN-WHO planned to release a live pathogen for exercise and participated in Event 201 the simulation, along with Dr. Gao from China, Rear Admiral Stephen Redd of the CDC, among other international preparedness experts.

A full study of the COVID-19 outbreak should be ordered immediately by the Trump administration. It should include an in-depth look at the WHO GPMB. He should interview Dr. Elias of the Gates Foundation. He must find out what information Dr. Fauchi shared or gave to the CCP, in addition to grant money for virus research. The investigation should also determine if the new UN and WHO pandemic point in the GPMB plans to release another virus – for a second outbreak – this fall, according to its annual report on pages 10 and 39,

When these answers and additional information in planning this pandemic can be established, we will find out if Anthony Fauci is the younger Nostradamus or a scam in science, and much worse.


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