August 9, 2020
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"Defund The Police" Just Means "I'm Rich & White"

“Defund The Police” Just Means “I’m Rich & White”

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The author Karol Markovich through the viewer,

AliExpress WW

Wealthy white liberals do not suffer from the consequences of their extreme ideologies …

Take a walk along the green streets of any area in the so-called “brown Brooklyn”, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, and you will see “Protect the police” in many home windows.

Owners of brown stones worth $ 3 million proudly declare their agreement with an additional policy aimed at seizing resources from police units as a solution to the problem of police violence. It is unclear how exactly less funding for the police will lead to better policing, but the virtuous signaling of the type that makes rich people strive to reduce resources for poor people is not confused.

The details are especially grim.

New york post reported on monday that “between Monday 29 June and Sunday 5 July, 74 incidents involving shooting with 101 victims were recorded in the city.” These numbers more than tripled over the same period in 2019.

But the city is largely not engulfed in terror. The rise in homelessness and general lawlessness has been a frequent topic of discussion over the past year. Executions are carried out only a few blocks away, and the pain does not spread evenly among the inhabitants of the city. And the left should basically ignore the crime rate so that their promise to “Protect the police” does not become cruelty.

The problem, of course, is that these skirmishes mostly occur in most black areas around five districts. Brownsville, Brooklyn was especially hit. Upper Manhattan Harlem. Tens shotmany dead. Filming was not carried out in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights. The position “Protect the police” can easily be labeled “I am rich.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio accuses the coronavirus of violence and restrains rage.

He is not mistaken, for sure – our ongoing localization exacerbates the situation – but he also ignores the elephant in the room. A constant attack on the police makes the forces unable to carry out their work.

As a result, people feel unsafe, and this feeling leads to even more violence. This is a lesson New York learned before. It is a pity that you need to learn everything anew.

If these shootings took place in the neighborhood with the words “Protect the police” on their windows, they would be quickly replaced by the “Triple Police,” and everyone knows that.

But as long as violence is confined mainly to black areas, rich white liberals happily agree with the political goals of leftist forces that do not affect them. “Black living matter,” their signs say. But not always.


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