August 12, 2020
AliExpress WW
COVID-19 pivot: Travel unicorn Klook sees jump in staycations – TechCrunch

COVID-19 pivot: Travel unicorn Klook sees jump in staycations – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Spring 2020 was gloomy for KlookAs countries closed their borders and completely or partially blocked their activities, the travel platform supported by SoftBank reduced its revenue by 90% during March and April. The World Travel and Tourism Council said in April that coronavirus could 100 million jobs in the world of travel and tourism in danger.

AliExpress WW

But in the dark, opportunities were also abundant.

The six-year-old Klook allows travelers, mainly from Asia, to discover and book foreign experiences – from wine tasting in the Napa Valley to staying with a farming family in Cambodia – something like Airbnb Experiences. Then, each transaction that occurs between the client and the transaction provider is canceled.

Before COVID-19, a startup that crossed $ 1 billion valuation in 2018, 30 million user sessions were conducted monthly; by April, this figure dropped to 5 million. The restrictions on the movement of people around the world, which is the basis of his business, forced Klook to quickly rethink its product offerings.

“In the end, we’re busy doing fun things. There are things you can do at home, as well as local entertainment when people can travel, ”said Eric Gnok Fah, co-founder and COO, by TechCrunch over the phone. “Now [the pandemic] gives us the opportunity to add a new dimension to this. ”


At home, people all over the world turned to cooking, crafts and other home projects as entertainment and creativity. Klook responded to the demand by offering do-it-yourself kits for making bubble tea, pasta, candles, and more — and delivering material to people’s doorsteps. For people who were still keen to see the world, Klook partnered with places of interest around the world in virtual online tours, collecting around 660,000 views in the first two live events.


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