August 9, 2020
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China & Russia Veto Extending Syria Cross-Border Aid Routes Via Turkey

China & Russia Veto Extending Syria Cross-Border Aid Routes Via Turkey

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AliExpress WW

Russia and China both vetoed a UN Security Council vote on Friday this was to send cross-border assistance to Syria. The previous version of this permission expired Friday night.

This was another vote between East and West in the UN Security Council, reflecting a split in the future of Syria.and this language was more than it seems at first glance. It was about the number of border crossings from Turkey to Syria controlled by Turkey.

Russian military police in northern Syria, AFP via Getty Images.

“The 15-member council was split, most of the opposition to the veto powers of the Syrian ally of Russia and China, who want to halve the number of border crossing points for delivering aid to Syria from Turkey in one, arguing that these areas can now be reached with humanitarian assistance from inside Syria ” Reuters reports.

Since Syria is still struggling with the rebels supported by Turkey, the allies of Syria would like the possibilities of cross-border fraud to be minimized, which means that assistance should be limited to only one crossing.

The UN obligated two in its bill, so Russia and China vetoed it.

Western regime advocates uniformly support UN planand followed the veto, loudly condemning Russia for the humanitarian impact that the veto could have.

They emphasized the risk of Covid-19 in Syria and suggested that not enough is being done for the healthcare system.


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