July 7, 2020
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Bolt launches electric bike-sharing service in Paris – TechCrunch

Bolt launches electric bike-sharing service in Paris – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Like other racing companies, Bolt suffers from coronavirus-related blockages and economic downturns worldwide. But the company is trying to find another source of income by launching electric bicycles in Paris. Bolt plans to launch a similar service in other European capitals this year.

AliExpress WW

In the past few weeks, Paris has the only bicycle exchange service. Vélib »– A public bike-sharing service based on docked bikes and electric bikes. Many private companies have tried to compete with Vélib, but so far they have all failed – Gobee.bike, Obike, Ofo, Mobike …

The most recent example is Jump, a Uber micromobility subsidiary. After a financial transaction with Lime, Jump removed all his bikes from the streets of Paris, London, Rome, Brussels, etc. These electric motorcycles are now owned by Lime, but Lime has not yet restarted the service (if it restarts at all).

But this does not mean that bicycles are not popular. Paris’s public bike sharing service even reaches record highs Those days. Let’s see if this means that people want to try Bolt electronic bikes.

In addition to horse racing and scooters, you can access the bike sharing service from the same Bolt application. Like other free-floating cars, you can unlock the bike by scanning the QR code.

When it comes to pricing, Bolt strives to make its service as cheap as possible in order to attract its first users. There will be no unlock fee and it will cost € 0.10 per minute. It is still unclear how much it will cost after the launch phase.

Vélib ’still feels more attractive when it comes to pricing. The cost of renting an e-bike for up to 30 minutes is 2 euros, or 8.30 euros per month, to rent as many e-bikes as you want in a given month. With Bolt, you pay 2 euros for a 20-minute ride – and this without any unlocking fee.

Bolt has 30 million users in 35 countries. He operates a scooter in 21 European cities.


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