August 9, 2020
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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she has a positive result on coronavirus

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she has a positive result on coronavirus

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is reportedly preparing to become a presidential candidate for alleged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, said Monday that she had a positive result for coronavirus.

“COVID-19 literally hit the target,” Bottoms said on his twitter. “I had no symptoms and I tested positive.”

In recent weeks, the 50-year-old Bettoms has attracted the attention of the entire country for fighting the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide police protest against cruelty and racism by the police, which have had a major impact on Atlanta.

Neither Atlanta City Hall nor the Biden campaign responded immediately to CNBC’s requests for comment on a Bottoms tweet.

Bottoms was an outspoken critic of Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp, whom she accused of haste process the abolition of strict measures of social distance aimed at slowing down the spread of coronavirus.

Last month, the city of Bottoms became a hot spot for civil unrest over the race and law enforcement agencies that had already swept the whole country after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Protesters and rioters burned Wendy’s fast food restaurant in Atlanta, where on June 12 a white officer shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, a black man who fell asleep while driving his car on a roadway.

Brooks, 27 years old, fought with two officers after he was asked for a long time about his sobriety. A video of the incident showed that he grabbed one of the stunning guns of the officers and ran away, and then turned and aimed the device at the officer who pulled out his weapon and shot at Brooks. Both former officers involved in the incident were indicted.

“It could be any of us,” Bottoms said in an interview a few days after the incident. “It could be any of our children or brothers. In this case it was: it was someone’s father. ”

Bottoms previously swam as a possible vice presidential choice for Rep. Jim Cliburn, D-subcutaneous. Most influential House Whip Most of whom Biden’s endorsement during the controversial primary season was seen as an inflection point in the race for nomination from the Democratic Party.

“There is a young girl in Georgia who, I think, could become a candidate for vice presidency, and this is the mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms,” said Kleiburn.

Political Betting Markets he has since put the mayor of Atlanta at the top of the race to become vice president of elections for Biden, who has already promised to choose a woman as a fan. Biden is expected to announce his choice by early August.

Bottoms is hardly the first politician diagnosed with Covid-19. More than half a dozen Congress members tested positive for a highly contagious disease, and most lawmakers have taken at least some preventative measures to protect themselves and others from becoming infected.


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