July 11, 2020
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World Sees Record Jump In New COVID-19 Cases, Deaths As Fatalities Near 450k: Live Updates

World Sees Record Jump In New COVID-19 Cases, Deaths As Fatalities Near 450k: Live Updates

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While vice president Mike Pence downplayed the threat of a “second wave” of SARS-CoV-2, which swept the United States, on Thursday WHO announced that the total number of cases and deaths recorded on Tuesday (48 hours ago) amounted to 140,000 new cases, the highest since the outbreak. Another 6,800 deaths were also recorded, the highest since April, Nikkei Asian Review Reports,

AliExpress WW

Almost half of these new cases have been reported in Latin America, where Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and other countries are struggling with rising infections in the region, as Brazil and Mexico have decided not to take the outbreak seriously to haunt the entire region.

Returning to Thursday, Tokyo reported 41 infections on Thursday compared to 16 days earlier, while 34 new cases were recorded in South Korea compared to 37 days ago, which is not a sign of a new outbreak.

As the worldwide number of COVID-19 infections exceeds 8.25 million (the JHU reported 8,320,288 on an early Thursday morning, along with 447,628 deaths), the number of deaths on the threshold is 450,000. After a brief altercation, the United States and China entered into an agreement to allow four weekly flights between the two countries, which weakened opposition to travel restrictions as Beijing blames travelers from abroad and imports seafood in some of the latest outbreaks. Delta will resume passenger flights between Shanghai and Seattle next week through Seoul, and once a week flights from Seattle and Detroit in July.

In more local news, as Beijing tightens restrictions on movement – to leave the city, you need a clean medical certificate with no signs of infection, and housing complexes are faced with a “partial” block – party officials on Thursday announced a new initiative to improve cleanliness and hygiene in urban markets . A large wholesale market in Beijing’s Fengtai district was named the epicenter of the last outbreak in the city, which supposedly spread to the surrounding area.

“The epidemic is a mirror that reflects not only the dirty and dirty aspects of the wholesale markets, but also low-level governance conditions,” says the Central Discipline Inspection Commission.

In other news, after testing hundreds of thousands of people in Beijing alone over the past week, city officials found only 21 cases on Wednesday. The CDC chief epidemiologist in China said that after this, the outbreak in Beijing was taken under control, although new cases may appear in the coming days.

All additional information on these statistics can be found at Statista

A CDC chief epidemiologist in China said the outbreak in Beijing has already been taken under control, but warns that new cases will occur over the next two days. At a press briefing on Thursday, chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyu explained that the emergence of new cases does not necessarily mean that they have just become infected. For example, cases confirmed Wednesday were probably infected a week ago, on June 12, he said.

All additional information on these statistics can be found at Statista

Turning to the main hot spots, on Thursday, India reported 12,881 new cases, which was another record leap, bringing the total number of countries to 366,946. The total number includes 12,237 deaths, 334 more than Wednesday morning. Fitch rating agency reduced its outlook for India to negative from stable on Thursday, believing that the “coronavirus pandemic has significantly weakened India’s growth prospects for this year and exposed problems associated with a high public debt burden” – exposing the second largest population a country in the world at risk of an undesirable rating.

In other Asian countries, Indonesia reported another record leap: 1331 new coronavirus infections increased the total number of cases to 42,762, exceeding Singapore. Ministry of Health spokesman Ahmad Yurianto said another 63 deaths were also reported, bringing the total number of coronavirus deaths in East Asia outside of China to 2,339.

Although the surge in new cases around the world is alarming, and justified, on Thursday Russia reported only 7,790 new cases, which is the lowest daily rate of new infections in six weeks, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 561 091 According to the Russian Coronavirus Crisis Response Center, another 182 people have died in the past 24 hours, resulting in an official death toll of 7,660. Al jazeera reports.

California reported 4,000 new cases last night, a record for the state, bringing it back to the New York Times state list, where cases are increasing. Of course, on Thursday, the list fell by only 20 states, compared with 23 at the beginning of the week, when Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, and Kentucky moved to the list of states, where things basically coincide.

Source: New York Times

Finally, as we reported last night, a senior Australian official said Australia yesterday may never again open its borders to foreign travelers.


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