July 5, 2020
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Why Japan has low mortality from coronavirus

AliExpress WW
There are approximately 127 million citizens in Japan. And there are only 17,000 cases of coronautrus disease. This is 0.01 percent of infection.

More than 329 million people live in the United States, and more than 2 million cases have been reported. That is 0.6 percent (60 times more than in Japan). In addition, Japan did not block during the global pandemic. Most enterprises worked, as did the metro.

AliExpress WW

How did they manage to avoid mass infection? One reason for the low incidence of coronavirus in Japan is that almost everyone wears masks there. East Asian countries have experienced other outbreaks, such as SARS. And, as a result, wearing a mask was not a compulsion or encroachment on personal freedom, but civil liability. The Japanese also practice social distance.

Vanity Fair’s findings: “If 80 percent of the rest of the population wore masks, either surgical or home-made, a scarf or bandana – as they do in Japan and other East Asian countries — the incidence of COVID-19 would drop dramatically.”

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