July 4, 2020
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WHO wants $ 31 billion to fight COVID-19

AliExpress WW
The WHO said that the development and production of vaccines, drugs and diagnostics in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic will require $ 31 billion. This is necessary to make them accessible to all people. This was reported in the World Health Organization, the UN reports.

WHO has announced an initiative to accelerate the production of anti-coronavirus infection drugs, known as the COVID-19 Tool Access Accelerator (ACT-Accelerator).

AliExpress WW

“To take control of COVID-19, we need effective vaccines, diagnostics and therapies in unprecedented quantities and at an unprecedented speed,” said WHO head Tedros Adan Gebreisus.

Governments, healthcare organizations, academics, businessmen, civil society and philanthropists have been involved in the ACT-Accelerator initiative. Participants work in four areas: diagnosis, therapy, vaccines, and what they call the “health system connector.”

They set out a plan whereby low- and middle-income countries receive 500 million diagnostic tests, 245 million treatment kits, and two billion doses of vaccine by the end of next year.

Usually it takes up to 10 years to develop and produce a vaccine, but ACT-Accelerator partners are striving to significantly reduce this time.
“We aim for 12, a maximum of 18 months,” said WHO Sumy Swaminathan, senior researcher at WHO. “The good news is that we have more than 200 candidates at different stages of clinical development; about 15 of them are currently undergoing clinical trials in humans.”

To date, WHO already has $ 3.4 billion.

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