July 8, 2020
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When Will Life Return To Normal?

When Will Life Return To Normal?

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From battles on the front line to social distance from friends and family, COVID-19 caused a massive shake-up in our daily lives.

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Thinking of everything from hugging our loved ones to delaying travel, Iman Ghosh from Visual Capitalist notes that there is one big question that everyone is probably thinking of: will we ever get back to the status quo? The answer may not be very clear.

Today’s graphics use data from New York TimesInterviews with 511 epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists from the United States and Canada, as well as a visualization of their opinions on when to expect the resumption of a number of typical activities.

Life in the near future, experts say

In particular, this group of epidemiologists was asked when they could personally begin to do 20 ordinary daily activities again.

Responses based on the latest publicly available and evidence-based data varied depending on assumptions regarding local pandemic response plans. Experts also noted that their answers will vary depending on potential treatment and bid testing in your regions.

Here are the types of activities that most professionals see at the beginning of this summer or throughout the year:

The desire to be outside is pretty clear with 56% of the respondents hoping to go on a trip before the end of summer. In the same time, 31% I felt that this summer they would be able to go camping or have a picnic with friends, citing the need for “fresh air, sun, socialization and a healthy lifestyle” in order to maintain their physical and mental health at this time.

Public transport and travel of any form is one aspect that has been suspended, whether plane, train or car. Many of the interviewed epidemiologists also complained about the pandemic impact that had on relationships, as evidenced by social situations that they hope to resume sooner rather than later.

The worst victim of the epidemic is the loss of human contact.

– Eduardo Franco, McGill University

On the other hand, there are certain types of activities that they consider too risky to be engaged in at the moment. Most people postpone attending celebrations such as weddings or concerts for at least a year or more due to perceived social responsibility.

Perhaps the most amazing discovery is that 6% epidemiologists do not expect to ever hug or shake hands as a post-pandemic greeting. In addition, more than half consider masks necessary for at least the next year.

The virus sets the timeline

Of course, these estimates are not intended to represent every situation. The experts also practically examined the question of whether certain activities, such as occupation– which affects the individual level of risk.

The answers [about resuming these activities] has nothing to do with calendar time.

– Christy McClamrock, University of Albany

While many places seep out reopening To support the economy, some officials still caution against premature removal of restrictions before we fully understand the virus and its spread.


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