July 7, 2020
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Two Trump campaign employees who attended Tulsa rally tested positive for coronavirus

Two Trump campaign employees who attended Tulsa rally tested positive for coronavirus

AliExpress WW

The campaign said Monday that two members of the campaign promotion team who attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Oklahoma on Saturday tested positive for coronavirus.

AliExpress WW

New test results bring the number of advanced team members at the Tulsa tournament who tested positive for Covid-19 to eight.

Six earlier positive tests of the leading participants occurred just before the event, and as a result, these people did not attend the rally.

At least two of the earlier positive tests were secret service agents.

The number of people with a positive result is expected to grow, NBC News reports citing representatives of the campaign and law enforcement agencies.

The announcement that two additional front-line members tested positive after attending the rally came the day before Trump should attend Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona, at an event organized by Students for Trump.

“After the next round of testing the Tulsa campaign staff, two additional front-line members tested positive for coronavirus,” said Trump Communications Director Tim Murto on Monday.

“These employees attended the rally, but were wearing masks throughout the event. After positive tests, the campaign immediately activated the established quarantine and contact tracing protocols, ”Murto said.

According to NBC, two employees were tested after the rally as a precaution for flying home.

Trump was reportedly furious Saturday afternoon when news surfaced that half a dozen front-line members had tested positive for coronavirus.

The participants in the event were to sign a refusal to release Trump and his campaign from any responsibility if they became ill after the rally.

During the rally, Trump called coronavirus testing “a double-edged sword,” Trump said.

“We have already tested 25 million people, which is probably 20 million more than anyone else. Germany has done a lot; South Korea has done a lot, ”Trump said. But here’s the bad part: when you test to that extent, you will find more cases! “

“So I told my people, please slow down the testing. They are testing, and they are testing. ”

White House spokeswoman Kaylee Mackinani told reporters on Monday that Trump was joking, saying that he instructed subordinates to “slow down” the Covid-19 test.

The rally in Tulsa, which the president was looking forward to, has been an eyesore for Trump for several days now. In addition to positive Covid-19 tests among campaign workers, Trump was also reportedly angry after the event due to an unexpectedly low turnout.

Despite his campaigning caused by the huge demand for this event, the rally at the BOK Center, which seats 19,000 people, gathered only 6,200 people.

Even before the rally began, the workers began to destroy the scene set up outside in the area reserved for what was expected to be thousands of people who could not get into the arena.

By the time Vice President Mike Pence was about to start a conversation in the arena in front of Trump, dozens of people had gathered.

On Tuesday at a church event in Phoenix, participants will also be required to sign a waiver of admission, which states: “By participating in this congress, you and any guest voluntarily assume all risks associated with COVID-19 exposure and agree not to hold the turning point . Action, their affiliates, Dream City Church, employees, agents, contractors or volunteers responsible for any illness or injury. ”

Last week, the Phoenix City Council passed a decree requiring people aged six and over to wear face masks in public.

“We saw enormous compliance with the mask regulation, which came into force this weekend. Everyone present at tomorrow’s event, especially any elected official, should set an example for residents by wearing a mask, ”said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego.

“This includes the president,” Gallego said.

Trump refused to wear a mask in public, despite federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calling on all Americans to do so.

Dream City Church pastor Luke Barnett and church finance director Brandon Zastrow appeared on a YouTube video on Monday saying the newly installed church’s clean air technology “kills 99.9% of COVID-19 in 10 minutes.”

“So you can know when you come here, you’ll be safe and secure,” Barnett says in the video.

“Thank God for the excellent technology and thank God for the initiative!”


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