July 5, 2020
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Trump orders over $ 16 million in television commercials on the battlefield as his campaign sees warning signs in key states

Trump orders over $ 16 million in television commercials on the battlefield as his campaign sees warning signs in key states

AliExpress WW

US President Donald Trump addresses the “Appeal to Young Americans” at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, June 23, 2020.

AliExpress WW

Carlos Barria | Reuters

President Donald Trump’s campaign, faced with a growing lack of polls, has begun reserving seats for a television blitz video to be launched in several states during the last months of the race.

According to people familiar with the problem, an advertising purchase worth more than $ 16 million. The United States, as some of Trump’s campaigners, see warning signs in several key states, including Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina.

Advertising analytics and Medium Buying ad campaign companies have announced that Trump’s campaign has been reserving advertising time starting in September in key states in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Trump won all six states in 2016. Advertising is on top ads are currently broadcast against Joe Biden in North Carolina.

On Monday, advertising analytics said the purchase price exceeds $ 16 million. This happened after Trump got ahead of Biden last week due to the cost of advertising on Facebook.

New investment in these states is coming, according to polls by Trump for Biden, the alleged Democratic candidate. New York Times Upshot / Sienna College In a survey, Biden is ahead of Trump in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. Trump won these states through narrow margins against 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump was besieged by critics who claim that he did not do enough to fight the coronavirus pandemic and that he did not show sympathy during the nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd by the police.

The development also follows the news that the Trump campaign has reserved advertising space in Georgia, a traditionally reliable state for Republican presidential candidates. A recent Fox News poll allowed Biden to get two points ahead of Trump.

A Trump campaign spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

Costs of $ 16 million indicate that Trump’s campaign is reinforcing his defense in the states he needs to win a second term.

Elsewhere in Michigan, Trump does not work in all recent public polls. This corresponds to the current volume of campaign data, according to people familiar with this issue. These people refused to be named, as these internal results have not yet been made public. Trump won Michigan in 2016.

According to these people, some in the campaign are convinced that the president is facing obstacles even in Georgia and North Carolina.

The campaign, however, views New Hampshire, Minnesota and Nevada as states that are all in the game for Trump, these people added. Clinton won these states in 2016. Trump’s campaign data show that Trump is ahead of Biden in broad margins in Texas, Ohio and Florida, despite Biden being ahead of Trump in some nationwide public polls, these people added.

However, Trump’s campaign data show that Biden has a slight advantage over Trump in the Electoral College, one of these people said.

Trump’s election campaign also seems to reflect the edge that Biden and the Democrats had compared to the president and the Republican National Committee during the May fundraiser.

Trump and the RNC raised $ 74 million last month, while Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised $ 80 million. Trump and the RNC, however, had $ 265 million available in June.


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