July 3, 2020
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President Trump returning from his campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla., early Sunday. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Trump criticized for “mocking” comment on slowing down tests for coronavirus

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President Trump sharply criticized this weekend for his free speech about the coronavirus, which killed nearly 120,000 Americans, according to Johns Hopkins University Tracking Data,

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At a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump accused spikes of testing for coronavirus drugs, which he called the “double-edged sword.”

“When you get tested to this extent, you will find more people. You are going to find more to do! So I told my people: “Slow down the testing, please!” – exclaimed Trump.

The White House said Trump was joking – a defense he often used for his controversial remarks over the years.

Trump held a rally, despite local authorities’ fears that a deadly virus could spread in the room. In a speech to an audience that was mostly maskless, Trump downplayed concerns about the coronavirus and even called it “kung flu.”

“121,000 Americans are dead,” Duckworth, Illinois tweeted in response. “Donald Trump’s answer is to joke with racists.”

President Trump returns from his election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, early Sunday. (Patrick Semansky / A.P.)
President Trump returns from his election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, early Sunday. (Patrick Semansky / A.P.)

On cbsFacing the nation“Interim Minister of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said on Sunday that Trump’s test comment was born out of“ frustration, ”and he was not ordered to slow him down.

“I believe that we have tested over 25 million Americans. We tested more than any other country in this world. Instead, the press and others they want to focus on are increasing the number of cases, ”said Wolf.

Simon Sanders, senior adviser to prospective Democratic candidate Joe Biden, said Trump’s “failure rally” will be remembered for a test comment. She also noted that the Trump campaign forced the rally participants to sign a disclaimer, recognizing the risks of becoming infected with the virus. (His campaign said that half a dozen employees for the case tested positive for coronavirus.)

“I think the worst of this rally … in fact, was the president’s confession that, quoting him, he told his people to“ slow down the test, ”Sanders said,“Fox news sunday“.

She continued: “This is a terrible attempt to reduce the numbers just to make it look good. And now, I think, this is what will be remembered long after the defeat last night. “

Fox News host Chris Wallace and Biden Campaign Advisor Simon Sanders. (Screenshot:
Fox News host Chris Wallace and Biden Campaign Advisor Simon Sanders. (Screenshot: “Fox News Sunday”)

Fox owner Chris Wallace then quoted the White House defense, but did not seem to find this comment ridiculous.

“Well, let me point out, they say it was a joke. And it didn’t seem especially – well, let me point out, this is what they said, ”said Wallace.

CNN “State unionOwner Jake Tapper was even less convinced after his Sunday interview with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, who repeatedly called Trump’s test comment “mocking” when asked about it.

“You can believe that White House adviser Peter Navarro, who just told me that this is a“ mockery. ” But, firstly, nearly 120,000 Americans died from the coronavirus; it’s not a particularly fun topic, ”Tapper told CNN viewers after the interview.

“And secondly, to be honest, the president has already said such things,” Tapper continued, pointing to March Trump’s comments Concerned that allowing passengers to land with coronavirus infected in the United States could lead to an increase in the number of cases. “Once again, the president shows that he seems to see this primarily as a crisis of public relations, and not as a deadly pandemic.”


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