July 11, 2020
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Thinking About Downsizing? Here Are Top Most Popular States For Tiny Home Living

Thinking About Downsizing? Here Are Top Most Popular States For Tiny Home Living

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Most Americans are not ready for long-term slowdown in the economyTo prepare, you need to cut costs, create savings and even cut them.

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There is nothing wrong with reducing the recession – this is the survival of the fittest – and with recovery that may take several years – This may be one of the best ways to weather a financial storm.

Failure to take precautions to support your finances during a recession can be disastrous, but for those who move to tiny houses, this can lead to minimal debt and economic freedom when the next expansion comes.

The tiny home movement began about ten years ago amidst a strongly indebted to the millennium who could not afford to buy an average house. In other words, they simply could not afford the American dream.

Living on less than 1,000 square feet can be the norm for many Americans, or at least those who are shrinking. There is no clear guide to economic recovery – even though the Trump administration supports the upcoming V-shaped recovery before the election – although we all know that this is all propaganda hooliganism in the elections, and a real recovery can take several years. As for the labor market, the unemployment rate is expected to remain elevated until 2021.

For those who have considered abbreviation – Homeadvisor compiled a list of the most popular states for tiny homestays. The site used geolocation data from Instagram posts containing #tinyliving A hashtag was used to identify the best areas.

The top ten most popular US states for tiny homestays:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Colorado
  4. Texas
  5. Oregon
  6. Washington
  7. Arizona
  8. North Carolina
  9. New York
  10. Utah

For those who think about escape from the metro zone due to social unrest and the second round of coronavirus – well, now, maybe, a great opportunity to discover a tiny house living in the countryside that will serve two purposes: firstly, to save money and reduce costs; secondly, isolate yourself and your family from the collapsing American cities.


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