July 4, 2020
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The Worst Literal Hitler Ever

The Worst Literal Hitler Ever

AliExpress WW

Written (satirically) by CJ Hopkins through ConsentFactory.org,

AliExpress WW

So GloboCap-Resistance Minneapolis coup doesn’t seem to go exactly according to plan. Once again, Trump could not become a complete Hitler, despite all their efforts to encourage him to do this. However, they gave him a good chance. It was more or less a textbook on regime change, or “color revolution,” or whatever you call it. All necessary parts were in place. All they needed to do was to make Trump declare himself a dictator and introduce martial law, so that the generals could intervene and remove him from office.

Unfortunately for the Resistance, Trump did not. Instead, he did what he usually does, which make yourself an ass on international television. Which … well, was very attractive, but didn’t quite provide the GloboCap gang with the excuse they needed to get it out of the Oval Office. Which, of course, was incredibly frustrating. After four long years of propaganda prelude, we finally found ourselves at the moment of truth, and Adolf leaves and loses an erection.

This guy is the worst literal Hitler ever.

However, with regard to regime change operations, and given that it was an internal operation, more cunning than the usual foreign version, I would give Resistance B + for the effort.

Now, before my “conspiracy theorists” got too carried away by readers, where I am going with this column … no, that was not a “fake” rebellion. In the center was a genuine rebellion. At the center of every regime change operation is always a genuine rebellion, or at least the type that GloboCap has been trying and trying lately. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Bolivia, Venezuela; these things go pretty much by numbers.

Here is a brief overview of how this works.

  • First, you need civil unrest, large-scale protests, riots, looting, indiscriminate violence and so on. Any number of “trigger events” will be enough to get things started. Once this happens, you can grow it and focus it. Many of these unrests must be genuine, so it’s best to have a multi-year propaganda campaign to deprive your legitimacy and demonize your target as a kind of traitorous Hitler monster that is responsible for every serious problem in the country. Thus, no matter what event triggers the event, it will be his fault.

  • You will want officials from your local government to let these civil unrest continue until they reach the point where rebels and looters roam the hearts of cities, raiding both high-end corporate chain stores and local businesses like “ mom and pop. ” , and brutally attacks their defenseless owners. This does not mean that these local officials must restrain or remove their police officers. On the contrary, you want them to release their police, protesters, rioters and TV reporters (during their live reports, if possible), and just beat the crap out of life. The goal is to arouse as much hatred as possible about the regime you are trying to change and make your designated Hitler target lose patience and overreact, so you want everything to become extremely ugly.

  • Then you unleash the power of the media to drive people to insane madness of fury against Hitler you appointed. Your “respectable” experts publish articles calling for his removal from office. You force the military (and former military) to joke that your Hitler has got out of control and is on the verge of fascism. Then you wait for your Hitler to overreact, and try to call on the military and introduce some kind of martial law, after which you can safely overthrow him and pretend that democracy has won.

Media is needed herebecause you need to convince the majority of the public (i.e. not only people who are protesting and rebelling) that everything is out of control, and your imaginary Hitler is so dangerous that a military coup is the best solution.

What you are looking for are the headers:

“We are balancing on a dictatorship” – CNN

“The words of the dictator”: the threat of Trump to deploy the military causes the ghost of fascism ” The keeper

“Donald Trump is trying to start a racing war” – Rolling stone

“Remove Trump Now” – slate

“Trump’s presidency is over.” – The keeper

“Trump must be removed” – The washington post

In addition, while the media are doing their job, you want all former members of the intelligence community (or secret police) to make public statements like this:

“In American society, and even more so in our government, there should be no room for debauchery, which Donald Trump demonstrates daily. The members of his cabinet, who allow such behavior, betray their oath, supporting an increasingly desperate despot. ” – John Brennan, former CIA director

Then you introduce politicians and the military. This language usually does this:

“The fascist speech Donald Trump just delivered bordered on declaring war on American citizens. I’m afraid for our country tonight and will not stop defending America from Trump’s attack. ” – Senator Ron Wieden

“These are not the words of the president. These are the words of the dictator. ” – Senator Kamala Harris

“There is a fine line between the tolerance of the military for the dubious actions of the partisans over the past three years and the moment when they become unbearable,” the retired general said. – New York Times

“We must reject and hold accountable those who, in the line of duty, who will mock our Constitution … We can unite without [Trump]building on the strengths inherent in our civil society. It will not be easy, as the last few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; past generations who have been bleeding to protect our promise; and to our children. – General James Mad Dog Mattis, former Secretary of Defense

As soon as the generals began to roar, you make the media hype about it. These headlines will get people’s attention:

Rise of the Generals – The washington post

“Officer riot” – slate

“President Donald Trump is facing an unprecedented rebellion from the elite corps of former military leaders and presidents …” – CNN

“The desire of the President of the United States to act as a security official raises urgent questions that all American generals, voters and allies must answer” – The Guardian Editorial Office

If you can, it’s always very nice, if you can drum … oh, let’s say 280 former national security officers who are really concerned about the state of democracy and the “abuse of the armed forces for political purposes” and get them to spontaneously call each other and decide to write a letter together accusing your Hitler of “separating the Americans,” which the media can then spread widely.

And, of course, “educated classes” need an official propagandist like Franklin Foer (who broke a big story about nonexistent Trump-Russia server back in 2016 and was rewarded for his service at GloboCap with a lucrative full-time employee position in Atlantic Ocean) go out and explain what happens textbook mode change operation (because you don’t have to cheat on “educated classes”, most of which will already be on your side). Something more or less similar:

“Twitter’s decision to flag Trump’s messages as misleading was a turning point … as soon as Twitter applied its rules to Trump – and received praise for his decision – he inadvertently set a precedent … a non-collaboration cycle was launched. Local governments were the next layer of the elite to resist Trump’s commands. After the president insisted that the governors “dominate” the streets on his behalf, they categorically refused to build up their response. Indeed, New York and Virginia rejected a federal request to send National Guard troops to Washington, DC. Even a suburb of Arlington, Virginia, pulled out the police, who were leased to control the crowd in Lafayette Square. As each elite group abandoned Trump, it became more difficult for the next to obey with a clear conscience. In Sharpe’s taxonomy, the power of an autocrat is completely dependent on the loyalty of the armed forces. When the military refuses to cooperate, the dictator is over. ”

As I said, in the book everything went like clockwork.

After four long years of official propaganda designed to convince the Western masses that Donald Trump is literally Hitler, GloboCap, liberal Resistance and corporate media have done everything possible to use the genuine protests and riots that usually follow the killing of cops by an unarmed black man and use him to remove him from office. It would be an impressive catharsis, the right climax for War against populismbut Trump refused to play his part … so, okay, maybe he’s not as stupid as I thought, or at least not quite suicidal.

It doesn’t matter, it’s still a big win for GloboCap. Forcing Trump out of office is and always has been gravy. The main goal of the war against populism is to deprive him of his rights and demonize him, as well as all who voted for him. (and Jeremy Corbin, and even Bernie Sanders, and everyone who voted for them). Trump is just a symbol. GloboCap is determined to crush dissatisfaction with global capitalism (and its emoticons, happy, useless values ​​and its post-ideological ideology) so that they can return to the unfinished business of restructuring the entire Middle East and elsewhere, not play the ball and not destroy what left from national sovereignty, and turning the world into one big market, where there will be no fascists, no evil Russians, no religious extremists, no racist statues, no abusive films, no abusive films, no books, no works of art will be unauthorized presidents clowns, and everyone will be “tracked” using their digital implants with health certificates, and the children will stand in their small “social” boxes and mugs and sing Coca Cola the theme of the song through its antivirus masks at school …

Sorry … I’m a little out of my way. I forgot that it was strictly about racism and police brutality, and nothing more. Now I will try to stick to the script, but it can be difficult, given my “privilege”. Maybe if i wrapped in kente fabric and knelt in publicIt can help me understand my mind. Or I don’t know. What do you think?


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