July 11, 2020
AliExpress WW
The way to win is to lose the most money the fastest – TechCrunch

The way to win is to lose the most money the fastest – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

AliExpress WW

Hello and welcome back to CapitalVenture Capital TechCrunch Podcast, where we unzip headline numbers.

This week has been a bit cheeky, but that’s just because Danny Crichton and Natasha Mascarenhas and I am everyone was in a pretty good mood. It would be hard not to be, considering how much good it was to chew.

We started with two rounds of financing from companies that received headwinds from COVID-19:

These two rounds, however, represented only one side of the COVID coin. There were also companies engaged in riding in a fair wind, accompanied by new funds:

But we had a place for another story. So, we talked a little bit about Robin Hood, his business model and the recent suicide of one of his users. This is a terrible moment for the family of the person we lost, but also a good moment for Robinhood to slightly open the hatches on how his service works.

However, how far the company will go in limiting access to certain financial instruments will be interesting to see. The company receives significant revenue from the business associated with the flow of orders, and options are a key part of this revenue. Robinship is therefore, you need to balance to protect your users and earn on their actionsHow they string this needle will be quite interesting.

All this was a lot of fun for us. Thanks for setting up and follow the show on Twitter!

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