July 16, 2020
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The Station: DoorDash snags $400M, Bolt Mobility deploys self-cleaning tech, and disappearing Jump bikes – TechCrunch

The Station: DoorDash snags $400M, Bolt Mobility deploys self-cleaning tech, and disappearing Jump bikes – TechCrunch

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Hello friends and novice readers. Welcome back to The Station, a newsletter on all current and future ways to move people and packages from point A to point B. I am your host Kirsten Korosek, senior transport journalist at TechCrunch.

Let’s get right to this one this week.

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Micromobbin ’

station scooter1a

A micromobin is usually a running platform for Megan Rose Dickey. You will have to deal with me this week.

Several mobility stories have caught my attention this week, mainly because they cover two topics that were developed in 2020: the consolidation and development and implementation of technologies aimed at solving problems with the economy, regulation and market share.

First it birdwhich launched new standalone application called Bird Mapsin Paris and Tel Aviv. Maps of birds that were created using the navigation software from the Israeli startup Trailze will provide step-by-step navigation for riders who want to use bicycle or micromobile lanes for the entire trip. The application is just a pilot. But he can stay and become accessible in other cities if he manages to attract more customers and calm cities that are tired of chaos and congestion on the sidewalks caused by the misuse of scooters.

Speaking of the chaos of the scooter, launching the docking of micromobility Swiftmile and remotely controlled scooter position start Turtle have collaborated to resolve two pain points: Sidewalks and storage devices are charged.

Swiftmile and Tortoise have many identical clients. The idea is to use Tortoise’s positioning technology to direct scooters (from the companies it deals with) to the Swiftmile dock. The system can keep scooters on the roads longer and in better shape (they tend to wear out more when companies rely on concert workers to charge groceries). It could also ease tensions in cities looking for a solution to an ugly scene with scooters thrown away scattered across the sidewalks.

Another tech-oriented story worth mentioning Bolt Mobilitya company that I became more interested in because of how they changed their business model. The startup was co-founder of the Olympic sprinter with the Usain Bolt gold medal, and now it is headed by Julia Stein, who was previously the CEO of the now defunct GM Car Sharing Service Maven.

The bolt has recently expanded to Japan and New York. This week in Portland, the Bolt One scooter was launched, equipped with footrests, dual brakes, 10-inch wheels, LED lights and replaceable batteries with a mileage of 25 miles.

Two items rushed at me. First, the company installed NanoSeptic surfaces on its handlebars and brake levers, the two main points of contact on the scooter. NanoSeptic has a self-cleaning technology that is activated by light to remove germs and bacteria, TechCrunch said.

And in Portland, he collaborates with local entrepreneur Timothy Robinson to manage his local operations. Robinson will hire a local team to balance, recharge and, if necessary, repair scooters to ensure their availability throughout the city.

Bolt Mobility tells me that partnering with a local business owner is a new approach. “With their knowledge of the area, we believe that they can best serve the cities and their unique transportation needs,” the company told me in an email.

Bolt Mobility

Image Credits: Bolt Mobility

Finally we turn to jumpUber uploaded to Lime as part of a complex fundraising transaction. You may remember that Uber sent thousands of American motorcycles and scooters to the US for landfill for recycling. A word from several sources said that Lime would only accept unused jump bikes.

Then attention turned to Europe, and industry observers and competitors waited to see if Jump bicycles would go the same way in these markets. This week, Lime completed the acquisition of its Uber micromobility subsidiary Jump in Europe. And, as we saw in the USA, bicycles and scooters disappeared from the streets of London, Paris, Brussels, Rome and other European cities.

Jumps on bicycles and scooters are now sitting in warehouses, waiting for Lyme to either deploy or destroy them.

Deal of the week

money at the station

COVID-19 may be the thread that runs through all business trends in 2020. In the middle of the year, one of the topics is the belief that supply should be bet on in the near and long term.

Take DoorDash, a popular American food delivery company and my offer of the week. The company raised about $ 400 million in the H-series round at a price just below the $ 16 billion mark. The round was expected, although it is worth noting that the final valuation of the transaction was $ 1 billion higher than indicated in previous reports.

Throughout its life, DoorDash has been actively raising capital, including the huge G series at the end of 2019, which was valued at $ 13 billion. Whatever you forget, the company filed privately to unveil earlier this year. It is likely that these plans were frustrated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty that continues to spread.

The question is, where does DoorDash go? The company is at war with Uber Eats, Postmates delivery service, and the Grubhub-Just Eat Takeaway hybrid. it’s the same before the legal battle with San Francisco. SF District Attorney sued DoorDash on June 16 for alleging that he illegally classified workers as independent contractors. Comments from SF DA Chesa Boudin suggest the city is ready for a long fight.

“I assure you, this is only the first step out of many to fight for the safety of workers and the equal observance of the law,” wrote Buden this week.

This means that capital requirements do not disappear in the near future. Nor is there an impending threat – or the possibility, depending on where you sit – of consolidation.

We know that Uber, still suffering from a failed Grubhub purchase, is eager to expand the market share of its Eats food business. Uber said consolidation, in its view, is way to profitabilityHe also said that “this does not mean that we are interested in concluding any transaction, at any cost, with any player.”

DoorDash, loaded with a new capital injection, can bypass private investors and the merger game and choose door number 3: public markets. Companies such as Nikola Motor and Vroom have recently taken a leap forward despite a weak economy in their core business areas.

Other deals that have caught our attention …

Mapillary, a startup that developed a street-level image platform that uses computer vision to automate and scale maps, was acquired by Facebook. Mapillary team and project will become part facebook’s broader open mapping efforts, TechCrunch’s Steve O’Here reported, I followed Mapillary because of how its platform could be used in the transport sector, especially in the development of autonomous vehicles. Ian Eric Solem, founder of Mapillary, is in a difficult position. Solem launched Mapillary in 2014 after selling its first computer vision company to Apple. You can read more about the company. in this blog from Solem.

SuperAnnotate An interesting small startup launched in February. The company, which just raised $ 3 million. For seed funding, has developed an image annotation platform for tagging teams and data researchers. In essence, he created the toolkit for manual marking, a simple communication system, improved recognition, tracking image status, templates, information panels and other necessary tools. SuperAnnotate is one of those companies that “pick and dig.” I use this term to describe enterprises that are ready to make big money by providing tools for the autonomous automotive industry. But this platform has applications besides AV and can also be used in Robotics, retail, satellite imagery, security and medical imaging.

Splyt, a British company that developed software to make driving easier, raised 19.5 million dollars per round led by SoftBank. Split raised a total of $ 35 million.

Volkswagen invested another 200 million dollars at QuantumScape, a Stanford University affiliate dedicated to developing solid-state batteries, as the automaker relies on next-generation technology that will open long distances and increase the charging time of electric vehicles.

Israeli startup Censwho developed nanotechnology to improve
The performance of batteries used in electric vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and solar energy storage plants raised $ 1.5 million during a round led by British investor Vincent Chenguise of the Consensus Group.

Fort Worth City approved a $ 68.9 million economic stimulus package for Line Labs, a startup developing an electric motor for cars, scooters, robots, wind turbines and even ventilation and air conditioning systems. The company plans to provide a 500,000 square foot facility for its R&D center, which will produce electric motors. The four-year-old company was founded by Brad and Fred Hanstable, who say they invented a lighter and more flexible electric motor. The pair developed an engine, which they called the Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET), working on a device that could pump clean water and provide electricity for small communities in underdeveloped regions of the world.

BYD CoChinese auto giant backed by Warren Buffett earns 800 million yuan ($ 113 million) for Series A + Round BYD Semiconductor.

Gofor industriesA Canadian startup that has developed a last mile delivery service for the construction industry, raised 9.8 million Canadian dollars in initial funding.

dumpling, a startup based in Seattle and Berkeley, California, raised 6.5 million dollars in series A, a round of funding led by Forerunner Ventures. A startup helps users launch and run an independent business for the purchase and delivery of products.

Bitauto Holdings Ltd.., a Chinese car comparison site, agreed to be a closed investor group supported by Tencent Holdings gaming and social network for $ 1.1 billion in cash, for Reuters,

TrieyeAn Israeli startup working on sensor technology to help driver systems and self-propelled in bad weather announced a partnership with DENSO to evaluate its CMOS-based shortwave infrared camera called Sparrow. Porsche, which acquired a minority stake in TriEye last year, is also evaluating the Sparrow camera.

It is more like a game of infrastructure, but nonetheless interesting. ECOncreteAn Israeli startup that developed environmentally friendly concrete technology used in the construction of breakwaters, boilers and piers, raised $ 5 million during a round held by Bridges Israel. Goldacre Technology Investment House also took part in the tour. ECOncrete is part of the RElab 2020 PropTech group, an accelerator program.

And in the LOL category …

Hertzwho filed for bankruptcy last month, has stopped the placement of shares for $ 500 million After the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced to the rental company, it will revise its controversial plan to sell shares that could soon be completely destroyed. I’m in shock, I tell you. I’m shocked.

Hertz planned to issue a $ 500 million shareholding after receiving permission from the United States Delaware Bankruptcy Court. Last week, a court granted Hertz permission to sell up to 246.8 million outstanding shares (about $ 1 billion) to Jefferies LLC.

Layoffs, business disruptions and people

Image Credits: Techcrunch

Before we move on to layoffs, it’s worth noting the end of what was supposed to be a long-term alliance. between BMW and Mercedes Benz AG Develop next-generation auto-driving technology.

The agreement was announced just 11 months ago. And now this is kaput. German automakers called the gap “mutual and friendly,” and everyone agreed to focus on their existing development paths. These new ways may include working with new or current partners.

Partnerships should never be exclusive. But it was interesting because it reflected the increasingly widespread approach of inherited manufacturers to enter into free development agreements with the goal of sharing capitally intensive work on the development, testing and validation of automated driving technologies.


BMW also announced that it would cut 6,000 jobs in accordance with an agreement reached with the German Workers Council. Reductions caused by sluggish sales caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will reportedly be achieved through early retirement, non-renewal of temporary contracts, termination of excess positions and not filling vacant posts, MarketWatch reported,

grabLargest startup in Southeast Asia dismissal of about 360 peopleor just under 5% of its employees. A Grab spokeswoman told TechCrunch that the company will not close offices, and that this is the latest organization-wide layoff this year. Grab will close some “non-core projects”, combine functions and reduce the size of the team. It also redistributes more resources on demand delivery vertical.

Volvo Group cuts 4,100 jobs worldwide, and about 15% of cuts will be contractors, for cargo waves,

Layoffs.fyi launched severance pay, The site says that out of 500 startups with layoffs, 10 of them offer more than 8 weeks of severance pay and more than 4 months of extended health insurance.

Small bird

flashing cat bird green

We hear and see things, but we are not selfish. We are sharing!

I wandered into the website of the Federal Office for the Safety of Vehicles, and it surfaced. Aurora seems to have developed filed on a USDOT number from FMCSA. This got my attention because for companies operating commercial vehicles that transport goods along interstate highways, they must be registered with FMCSA and have a USDOT number.

Judging by the application, Aurora has not yet received permission. This should be taken as a first step and illustrates Aurora’s previously stated intentions to develop technology for self-driving trucks.

Famous readings and other tidbits

There are many places

Ride Greetings

Uber said he could handle it service on demand for the Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area with Service as a Service software as part of the company’s broader strategy for delivering cars to public transport.

Marina Transport Authority (TAM) will pay Uber a subscription fee for using its management software to simplify the request, collation and tracking of its fleet of high-capacity vehicles, starting with a service that runs along Highway 101 corridor. Marin Transit trips will appear in the app Uber and allow users to book trips and even share them.

This is noteworthy because the deal marks the first SaaS partnership for Uber and the likely path forward. Remember that Uber recently unloaded its Jump mobility division as part of its Lime deal and changed its strategy after the COVID-19 pandemic. Uber CEO Dara Khosrovshahi said during the company’s latest call that the company is focused on growing Eats, delivering food, and also on public transportation.

Automatic driving

ford will start offering hand-free driving function in the second half of 2021, starting with its new Mustang Mach-E electric car. The hands-free function, called Active Drive Assist, is part of a larger package of advanced driver assistance features, collectively called the Ford Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 Prep Package. A speakerphone function was expected since the Mustang Mach-E, which has a driving control system located above the steering wheel, was introduced last year.

Национальное управление дорожного движения и безопасности представила на этой неделе автоматизированную прозрачность и обязательство по обеспечению безопасности транспортных средств, или AV TEST Инициатива, Те, кто проводит испытания автоматизированных транспортных средств, теперь могут добровольно предоставлять информацию в NHTSA. В объявлении приняли участие девять компаний и восемь штатов, которые вошли в число первых участников.

Электрические новости

Lucid Motors начнет выпуск своего роскошного электромобиля для клиентов на своем новом заводе в Аризоне в начале 2021 года, примерно на три месяца позже, чем ожидалось из-за замедления, вызванного COVID-19.

Компания, которая планирует представить рабочую версию Lucid Air на онлайн-мероприятии, запланированном на 9 сентября, сообщила, что строительство возобновилось несколько недель назад на заводе в Каса-Гранде, штат Аризона, и планирует завершить первый этап в этом году. Lucid Motors также возобновил работы по разработке автомобиля на своем калифорнийском предприятии, которое было ненадолго задержано из-за заказов на укрытие на месте.

Электрический седан, автомобильная зарядка

Image Credits: Людинка / Getty Images

Lyft сказал, что к 2030 году каждый автомобиль, грузовик и внедорожник на его платформе будут полностью электрическими или оснащены другой технологией с нулевым уровнем выбросов, что потребует от компании уговорить водителей отказаться от автомобилей, работающих на газе. Важно отметить, что после небольшого колебания Lyft, наконец, ответил на мой вопрос и подтвердил, что он не запретит водителям на своей платформе водить автомобиль с бензиновым двигателем. Компания сказала, что не считает этот шаг необходимым.

Цель, которую Lyft планирует выполнить с помощью Фонда защиты окружающей среды и других партнеров, будет охватывать несколько программ. Он будет включать в себя автономные транспортные средства компании, партнерскую программу по аренде автомобилей Express Drive для водителей автомобилей, автомобили для личного пользования для водителей и личные автомобили, которые водители используют в приложении Lyft. Та личная автомобильная категория будет хитрой.

Разные биты

MIT Центр транспорта и логистики and Центр совместных исследований безопасности Toyota выпущенный DriveSegновый открытый набор данных, предназначенный для ускорения исследований автономного вождения. Набор данных содержит представления на уровне пикселей через линзу непрерывной сцены вождения, что позволяет исследователям идентифицировать более аморфные объекты, которые не всегда имеют однородную форму. Это бесплатно и может быть использовано исследователями и академическим сообществом в некоммерческих целях.

Дом Спикера Нэнси Пелоси объявленные планы принести законопроект об инфраструктуре за 1,5 триллиона долларов, который называется «Закон о продвижении вперед». Основная часть предлагаемого законопроекта, который, по словам Пелоси, будет внесен до перерыва 4 июля, проистекает из принятого демократами в настоящее время закона, проходящего через палату, который разрешает тратить 494 млн. Долл. США в течение пяти лет на дороги, мосты и программы транзита. Он также включает 25 миллиардов долларов на питьевую воду, 100 миллиардов долларов на широкополосную связь, 70 миллиардов долларов на проекты в области чистой энергии, 100 миллиардов долларов на школы с низким доходом, 30 миллиардов долларов на модернизацию больниц, 100 миллиардов долларов на государственное жилье и 25 миллиардов долларов на почтовую службу, Холм сообщил,

Мотор Тренд имеет большой кусок на опыт Черного автомобилиста и как это развивалось и не развивалось со времен Джима Кроу.

GM выпустил график отпраздновать 100-летний юбилей своего отдела исследований и разработок GM. Это увлекательная поездка по трассе памяти, в которую входит Electrovair 1964 года, который был разработан для проверки жизнеспособности электроэнергии для легковых автомобилей.


Image Credits: GM


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