July 3, 2020
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The Old America Is Dead: Three Scenarios For The Way Forward

The Old America Is Dead: Three Scenarios For The Way Forward

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Posted by Wayne Allensvrot through vdare.com,

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“Then who will we shoot?” like Muli Graves Sharecropper, John Steinbeck evocative wandering agricultural worker everyone in the 1940 John Ford movie, many Americans are baffled by a tidal wave of forces that seem beyond their control. The answer is not simple. But increasingly it seems that this is due to geographical separation.

Faced with eviction from his farm with a dusty bowl, Muli encounters a man on a bulldozer who came to demolish the shack in which Mulei and his family live. decided not to give up and threatens the bulldozer operator with a shotgun – only to discover that he is a local resident, one of Muley’s people. The bulldozer driver explains that it’s not his fault, it’s just the job he hired. If Muli shoots him, then someone else will come to do the work and Mulei will go to jail.

“Then who will we shoot?” asks Muli. banker? People are returning east who owns the bank? Morally disarmed and demoralized, Muli can only watch how a bulldozer destroys his house.

Patriotic Americans understand Muley. Our people, our culture, our history, everything that is dear to us, is subjected to an ongoing attack from Main Stream Media, politicians:activists, “and kritarchs in courts supported and abetted by enemies within, often our family and friends who has learned blood libel Left story irreparably “racist” America which the must be wiped off the face of the earth.

“If you know your enemy” wrote by Sun Tzu, “And know yourself, you don’t need to be afraid of the result of hundreds of battles.”

In this case, our enemy is the globalist Blob and his militant future Che Guevaras and LARPing LeninistsMSM, bureaucracy, courts, large corporations and educational institutions.

However, for the most part, until recently, Blob did not run into the historical American nation head on. Blob was patient, killing us with the death of thousands of cuts, steadily stepping back, using propaganda and misinformation, censorship with Tech Totalitariansand slow encroachment on the fact that the late sam francis called Anarcho-tyranny with mass immigration Big replacement») As a weapon of mass destruction.

A drop of amorphous, slippery, mucous it explores and gropes its way into any socio-economic and political cracks that it can use, ultimately swallowing its prey like quicksand.

He also uses the “hybrid war” tactic that was used earlier, but intensified with the expansion of mass communications and can quickly trigger “flash mobs” and spread “fake news”.[[[[ Explanator: what is a “hybrid war” and what is meant by a “gray zone”?, Conversation, June 17, 2019] scary quote, creative editingand constant repetition bald lies enlarged in social networks, swallows us with a tidal wave of words and images. We live in a strange Twilight Zone that lacks depth and context.

Give a loan where the loan should. Hybrid warfare worked. Blob infiltrated American institutions and undermined them, using our American sense of fair play and decency, which made White a relatively easy brand. As Blob seeped into our lives, we gradually adapted to the “new standards” every day.

then Donald Trump was elected President. Blob was in shock. The Orange Man Poor seemed to be threatening his plans to end the Historic American Nation. And so, starting on November 8, 2016, MSM kept the country in hysteria with one industrial crisis after another. Fake news on social networks, a hybrid tactic of warfare, are widespread: Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Chinese Viral Panic and subsequent localization and economic collapse, and now the myth that St. George Floyd and blacks “hunt” for whites, who became the catalyst for mobs that robbed and burned American cities.

Using Floyd’s Chinese Viruses and Riots as a cover, Blob and its militant wing – Antifa and Black Lives Matter – intensified anarcho-tyranny to new heights.

In some American cities, the question of Muli – whom we are filming – is answered, at least in the literal sense.

So what’s next? Where are we going from here?

America is facing three scenarios.

This scenario is most likely a fantasy.

Even if Trump is re-elected, his past experience of violence and almost inaction speaks for itself. Blob and his executive body, Deep State, put him on the side. Trump and his “team,” so to speak, are as easily disarmed by anti-racists as Conservative, Inc. employees. This is evidenced by their immediate and reflective condemnation of the police after the death of Floyd, such as forcing the Right on the Ring Road to apologize for even existence.

Of course, vote for Trump in November. But do not expect too much. Trump was, at best, a strike, not a checkpoint on Blob’s path.

America survived the riots before, but it was a different country. He had a white Christian super-majority and a common history. He had at least a theoretical chance to work out modus vivendi with his black minority. The language was English, and most of the time we played by a set of rules that everyone agreed with – a liberal conservative, a Democrat, or a Republican. The elections were not apocalyptic events. Nominations for US Supreme Court no reason cruel, guerrilla, ideological war. Never again.

If we rely solely on electoral politics, we will lose, especially when the demographic ring closes. Winners will show not a quarter.

Political life, as we knew it in America, is over. Again, the America in which we grew up and are loved is dead. Elections are at best a campaign. It is highly unlikely that Trump (or anyone else, for that matter) could, for example, deport and encourage self pickup dozens millions of illegal immigrantseven assuming a desire to do so.

Moreover, a significant portion of the dwindling white majority has disavowed his identity is “flying out of white,” as Steve Siler calls it meanwhile Blob controls deep state and its bureaucracy, not only at the federal level, but also in many other states and large megacities.

  • Two: Trump loses, and Blob and his allies triumph. But since now it is a country, and not a nation that does not have a common sense of a common identity and an agreed history, culture, beliefs or language, it can only be held by a full-fledged police state.

Even this may not ensure order in a chaotic post-American country, and a decreasing number of whites will certainly not be protected by the state. At some point, white Americans may well be alive like white south africansIn fear for my life.

If the order is disturbed, rebel groups, even criminal groups, will enter the void as combatants made in mexico and Hispanic gangs did to protect their surroundings during the riots Floyd.

The good news is that white people followed suit when monsters threatened their homes and stories. boys in fishtown in the capital of Philadelphia, which defended the police station, the heroes who surrounded and defended statue of Christopher Columbus, and group armed Texans who gathered to defend the Alamo,just three examples.

Meanwhile, following a “larger number than usual,” Atlanta police call patients when one of them was charged with a felony in shootingof Reichard Brooks, Seth Cohen in Forbes I wonder if Blue Flu will be America’s “next pandemic”?[[[[How do Atlanta police protest, is the “blue flu” the next pandemic? , June 18, 2020]Regarding the calls to “protect the police”, this is a good question.

And another thing arises: what happens if Truckers decide Do not deliver to cities without police protection?

So far, Blob resistance is scattered and uncoordinated, but this may change as the American systemic crisis deepens.

  • Three: The country is falling apart and the historical American people are setting enclaves for yourself and others who love and I remember with love old america.

Destruction is indeed in full swing. Blue States and Left Critars repeal laws I like too Sanctuaries of cities and even sanctuary states ignore immigration laws. Meanwhile, American patriots answered Sanctuary Second Amendmentcounties and even states. Americans in Inner California speak exit from the “left bank”. Leftists also spoke of secession: the anarchists captured and created their own “Autonomous zone” in Seattle, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice invited the conservative Virginia counties to secede and join Mountain State.[[[[West Virginia Republicans Encourage Virginia Conservative Districts to “Exit” Kelly Mena, CNN, Sun February 9, 2020],

States, counties, and cities that on the side or surrender to the mafia, and increased anarcho-tyranny during the recent blockage of coronavirus, apparently caused a sharp reaction of the American remnant, which could provide bare bones Mid american defensive movement.

Someday the “blue” and “red” enclaves, even entire states, can turn into new states.

American patriots are developing their own hybrid warfare with their own media, effectively following the example of the left on annulment and internal separation, and organizing alternative cultural a network that publishes its own the booksbrings up his children, and trying to continue, despite the threat of suppression of Deep State.

My guess for the future: a combination of two and three scenarios. The managerial state tightens control, the result of November 3, independently, but the transfer continues.

Blob doesn’t give up. The riots we have recently witnessed will continue, even if Trump sends troops now.

when what’s happening, we don’t need to ask Muli a question.


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