July 9, 2020
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Researchers use biometrics, including data from the Oura Ring, to predict COVID-19 symptoms in advance – TechCrunch

The lengthy plan to restart the NBA season features fitness rings for temperature tracking – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Note received Athletic the details NBA plans play the rest of the 2019-2020 season starting in late June. This is a rather detailed return to action for the league, including some notable tidbits, for example: “It is very important that every player understands that he has the right not to return to the game.”

AliExpress WW

Sport is undoubtedly an important part of society trying to return to a normal life, which is an extremely necessary distraction from the daily horror show of 2020. But such events in a cramped quarter should be accompanied by a sufficient number of guarantees in the face of such a high degree of contagious pandemic.

Among the long list of guidelines for the weekly season, the unexpected inclusion of the Oura smart ring. The letter notes that the wearable device “can help in the early detection of coronavirus and will monitor temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate and other measures.” The league says players will have the opportunity to wear the ring as a form of protection designed to catch COVID-19 warning signs.

Researchers have been interested in using the ring as a detection system for several months. As early as March, the UCSF began a study in which thousands of health professionals participated in monitoring temperature, sleep, and other health indicators.

In this context, the rings work only as a small part of a much larger puzzle (the full plan is 113 pages). This is one that should always include regular temperature checks and testing – the last of which is key to avoiding documented distribution among asymptotic carriers. Major League Baseball is also trying to start a season that has long been tolerated, although conflicts between owners and players seem to have come to a standstill.


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