July 5, 2020
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The Emergency Is Real

The Emergency Is Real

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Through the American Institute for Economic Research,

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With astonishing fury and just a few months later, we were shocked when many of America’s major problems began to boil in such a way that they did terrible damage to freedom, prosperity, stability and social peace in this country.

It’s a terrible litany the rise of political extremism left and right, the overthrow of statues of George Washington, the insanely partisan press, the president who secured dictatorial power over trade and immigration (and claims to have saved 4 million lives by blocking the country), Congress, which sheds trillions as it grows on trees, and the Fed, which is once again involved in financial markets to the extent that it has never been in its history.

The onslaught sowed widespread public confusion about further action. Some people talk about socialism. Others speak of repression, law and order. Each side of the political gap wants to ruthlessly crush the other, as if no society can exist with tolerance for different points of view. Watching all this, you would think that in this country there has never been any experience with a working system of freedom and rights for all. And yet, this is precisely the enormous contribution that America has made to world history: to demonstrate that freedom, tolerance, limited government, and federalism work in practice.

The most disturbing feature of current public debate is the presumption that all existing problems need a government to solve them. This attitude prevailed in the presence of a new virus. We have gone a hundred years in this country, considering viruses as medical rather than political issues. The record was good: we learned how to manage them well.

This system was overthrown this year (rooted in intellectual error since 2006when George W. Bush first had the idea of ​​imposing a plan for a virus case).

The result was the following document, released March 13, 2020, but clearly identified months, if not years earlier. The US Government Response Plan for COVID-19 (labeled “not for public distribution or release”) is nothing more than a Soviet-style central plan. Over all these months, this document, and not the Constitution, not our traditions of freedom, not our individual choices and not our commercial or even religious rights, has become the guiding document in the United States of America.

Whatever the main problems in America before this date, this central plan has exacerbated them all.

The government, which implies the right to close the economy and culture and plan the whole society, even for a short period, playing with fire, right up to the opening of hell.

Ninety days later, we discover that our property is unsafe. No one is safe. Locks, more than any other factor, have accelerated this catastrophe.

And yet, you listen to the political class talk about it, and you are unlikely to find a dissenting voice. Even the US president, initially skeptical of the idea of ​​blocking, now believes his decision to agree to save four million lives. And now he is puzzled why his poll results are so weak.

We desperately need an intellectual and cultural movement against blocking in this country, which rejects the centralizing and coercive plans of both the left and the right. The above document should never exist in a free country. Until we have leadership at all levels of society who is ready to condemn such monsters and instead glorify the ideals on which this country was founded, the swamp of distress in which we find ourselves is likely to persist and will be even worse.

There is hope for the future, but not without a fundamental declaration that there will never be a compromise with the sacred principles of freedom and human rights. This is the way to healing the nation.


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