July 4, 2020
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That's One Way To End A Lockdown

That’s One Way To End A Lockdown

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Through the American Institute for Economic Research,

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There is an old 18th-century saying about the best plans for mice and men. Of these plans the most prestigious public health professionals working with the most influential people, introducing for the first time a new way to fight diseasenow we stand in the midst of the wreckage.

It is hard to believe. Just a few months ago, the United States had a strong economy and a bright future. As we moved from inner peace and prosperity in February 2020 to insanity – cities on fire, military rule, curfews, economic despair – we see that today will be the subject of historical reconstruction for many decades. We already see the first projects written now.

It is said that people on the streets are protesting or rioting, but in other respects it has elements of rebellion. This is a rebellion against control of a population that should never have been imposed – based on law, precedent, and human rights. The American people have come to terms with this for more than two months, even though the restrictions and rules created the national powder.

The hideous murder of George Floyd, The man who was forcibly fired from custody and handed over a fake bill of $ 20 to avoid poverty was too familiar. It was a fuse that ignited this powder. Resentment against such abuses by the police continues decades ago and is reason enough for people from coast to coast to shout: enough.

At the same time, much more is happening here than the abuse of power by the police. Floyd has become such a powerful symbol for people of all races and classes. He could be any of us. A shoe around his neck smacks of Orwell’s frightening prediction of life according to government plans: “If you want to see the future, imagine a shoe on a person’s face – forever.”

Americans of all classes, races, and political affiliations refuse to accept this future. Enough is enough.

The fires that burn in our cities today have long arisen with government impositions in all aspects of our lives. Layouts date from many generations. Within three months of blocking, firewood was stacked; Killing Floyd was a match.

In mid-March 2020, fearing the virus, schools were forcibly closed, workers and enterprises were arbitrarily divided by governments into major and non-essential, police powers were deployed to ensure the separation of people under the strange clinical name “social distance”, home stay orders, travel restrictions at the international level, and even inside the country we were locked up and separated (as if viruses take care of the lines on the map), and the hospitals were closed for everything except for COVID-related diseases.

It was an ideal central plan, the deployment of a real version of the plans, first set out in 2006, at least on paper. The plans did not include legislative references, opinion polls or elections, concerns about the Bill of Rights, Private Property, Commercial Activities, Family Rights, Religious Freedoms or Fundamental Freedoms of Association – and, of course, never took into account the reality that people do not . I like to be muscular local, federal and federal dictators.

All these massive apparatuses of coercion and coercion, of course, have become our new regime for our good and our health, or, as they have repeatedly said. What is interesting, looking back, is that little of what we did with our beloved country had anything to do with the realities of the virus called COVID-19.

This particular virus – unlike the last and the next – turned out to be the most cruel for older people with concomitant diseases, especially vicious in long-term care facilities. For more than 99% of the rest, this is not a disease at all. People are becoming aware of this, although this is rarely recognized on television. When you give up all worries about human decency in the name of fighting viruses, you should continue to halve the cause of the panic. Weeks stretched for months, and excuses continued to change.

It is not surprising that many protesters and rebels in the streets were happy to talk about their distrust of the media. The truth about this outrageous government surge will leak out, despite almost the same position on blocking among the mainstream media. The problem is, and maybe it’s good, people stopped believing. Even the mandates of the mask had the opposite effect: they were everywhere worn by protesters.

People do not believe the media, politicians, “public health professionals.” They ceased to believe in the need to follow the plan. They began to believe that perhaps freedom offers the best way, even with the virus.

Now, 48 days after the closure, and still oppressed by overly formalized models of re-opening organized and scripted, and 48 hours after our cities caught fire and streets filled with angry rebels, huge problems remain.

The firstit is not clear whether and to what extent any political elites in this country have the slightest idea of ​​what happened and what to do about it.

secondNow the economy is burdened with terrible debts, terrible spending plans and flagrant monetary policy.

ThirdlyWe continue to live with unnecessary and burdensome rules regarding our movements and rights.

All three problems need a desperate solution.

It is time to look into the future, perhaps with some optimism. Hundreds of unnecessary rules were suspended during the crisis. New forms of training and medical care were introduced and introduced. The political class is largely discredited. Many of the overly confident planners who harbored this disaster are hiding. People are unlikely to ever appreciate the mainstream media, at least for a very long time.

Best Plans: Inspired by the developers of myopia models, rejecting the expert opinions of dissident scientists, ignoring fundamental rights, fueled by media speculation and the irresponsibility imposed by governments at all levels. This is the new chapter on The Road to Slavery.

Let’s write another chapter in which we learn some of this disaster and re-embrace the idea of ​​human freedom.


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