July 11, 2020
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People wearing face masks to help protect against the spread of the new coronavirus cross a road in Seoul, Monday, June 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Testing intensified as new cases of coronavirus increase

AliExpress WW

NEW DELHI (AP). Governments are stepping up testing and are cautiously considering their next steps on Monday, as the number of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus in many countries is growing. On Monday, India reported 20,000 new cases, while the US has confirmed more than 40,000 new infections for the third day in a row.

AliExpress WW

As infections in the northern hemisphere increase, many governments intensify testing and consider more aggressive actions, such as resuming blocking. to stop new flashes.

20,000 new infections in India have become a new daily record. Several states regained partial or full blocking after the total number of cases jumped by almost 100,000 in one week to 548,318.

Although precautions have been tightened in some states, the most affected regions of Maharashtra, including the financial capital of India, Mumbai and Delhi, where the federal capital of New Delhi is located, have removed most of the restrictions and reopened restaurants, malls and parks. and public buses and general rides back on the roads.

The United States, the worst-affected country, reported 42,600 new confirmed infections as of Saturday, with a total of more than 2.5 million, or about a quarter of all over 10 million confirmed cases in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University. Experts say that the actual figures, both in the US and around the world, are likely to be much higher due to the large number of clearly asymptomatic cases and testing problems.

The beaches were closing and the beer was going unused, like Florida, Texas and other states refused to resume the pandemic, ordering mandatory use of masks in public places and closing restaurants and bars in the hope of stopping the resumption of affairs.

In recent weeks, about 8.3 million of the 21 million in the Chinese capital have been tested after an outbreak in the wholesale market. The National Health Commission said there were 12 new cases in the country on Monday, including seven in Beijing, more than half the day before.

South Korean authorities reported 47 new cases when they tried to curb the outbreaks that spread from Seoul to other regions.

Widespread testing and contact tracing helped South Korea hold back its initial outbreak, in which it detected hundreds of new cases a day in late February and early March. Most of these cases were in the area surrounding Daegu, where many were associated with one church community with thousands of parishioners.

Keeping track of the latest shows in the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul, where about half of the country’s 51 million people live, has proven more difficult.

South Korean health officials said they were preparing to take more stringent measures to social distance – including banning all gatherings of more than 10 people, closing schools, stopping professional sports, and restricting secondary businesses – if the daily growth of infections doubles more than twice a week.

Health authorities use what they describe as the world’s first saliva test for coronavirus in Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne in Victoria, where the disease is spreading at an alarming rate.

Victoria’s health minister, Jenny Mykakos, said Monday that 75 people have tested positive in the state in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to 2099.

Brett Sutton, Victoria’s director of health, said the outbreak could get out of hand as pandemic restrictions weaken in other parts of Australia.

“I think this is a real challenge. “I think we are on the edge in terms of being able to manage this,” Sutton said.

In the Philippines, at a hot spot with coronavirus infection in Southeast Asia, where more than 35,000 confirmed infections were recorded, local officials were attacked for allowing a street parade and dancing during a religious weekend weekend in honor of St. John the Baptist, despite the quarantine ban on holding public meetings.

During the night procession, dancers in national masks and face masks danced, who gathered a large crowd in the village of Basak on Cebu in central Philippines.

Restrictions have been lifted in many places to help save the sick Philippine economy, but Cebu has resumed severe blocking this month after rising numbers of new cases.

Some governments insist on resuming travel, especially between countries where outbreaks of the virus appear to be holding back, although changing the pandemic landscape suggests the process will be complex and subject to change.

The European Union is preparing a list of 15 countries whose citizens will be allowed to visit the block starting on Wednesday, Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya of the Cadena SER radio network said.

The resurgence of affairs in the United States means that Americans cannot be on this list. Gonzalez Laia said countries would be selected according to their coronavirus status and the reliability of their data.

“This is not an exercise to be good or unfriendly towards other countries, it is an exercise of personal responsibility,” she said. She confirmed that Spain would reopen its borders with Portugal, despite rising infections there.

Travelers at Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s largest and largest intercontinental hub, will be able to undergo on-site coronavirus testing before embarking on a flight after the airport. German carrier Lufthansa and medical research company Centogene will open a test center on Monday.

Accelerated tests with results within two to three hours will cost 139 euros ($ 156). Regular tests with results available for six to twelve hours – recommended for travelers who can be tested the day before departure – cost 59 euros (52 US dollars).

Meanwhile, civil aviation authorities in the United Arab Emirates announced that they had suspended all flights to Pakistan until a “special laboratory” could be set up to test coronavirus for people traveling from the country to the UAE.

The UAE state news agency WAM on Sunday issued a statement from the country’s Main Civil Aviation Authority announcing the decision.

Earlier this month, Pakistan resumed international travel, although critics said airport precautions were limited and ineffective. Last week, Pakistani media reported that 27 passengers traveling from Pakistan arrived in Hong Kong and tested positive for COVID-19. Passengers passed through the UAE.


Kurtenbach reported from Bangkok. Associated Press reporters from around the world have contributed to this report.


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