July 16, 2020
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Target is rolling out fresh grocery pickup nationwide, starting with the Midwest – TechCrunch

Target is rolling out fresh grocery pickup nationwide, starting with the Midwest – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Today, Target joins a growing number of grocery stores offering pick-up services at the curb and in the store of fresh and frozen foods. Retailer had suspended his plans In the spring, to deploy a grocery pickup truck, citing the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that he did not have time to train employees in new processes. Today, these plans are on the move again. The company currently says it plans to get fresh and frozen food in 1,500 stores in the US over the coming months.

AliExpress WW

The add-on does not work from the Target, Shipt product delivery service, but will instead use store staff to collect and pack goods – just like they do today for existing Tickt service for receiving orders and Drive Up.

However, consumers will not have access to all fresh and frozen Target products at launch. Delivery services will offer 750 fresh and frozen foods on top of thousands of existing perishable foods. This includes foods, dairy, bakery, meat and frozen foods.

In the same manner, shoppers can also choose from over 250,000 items available for purchase, by categories such as home, clothing, essentials, and more.

A company representative tells us that the decision to limit the choice of fresh and frozen products to 750 items was related to how the service was used in the early tests. The company found that Target shoppers mainly used pickups to shop for products needed between large trips to the store.

We understand that Drive Up and Order Pickup will offer the same product selection.

Target reports that fresh and frozen food will be stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse in the pick-up area in front of the store until the customer arrives to receive it. Some stores have already been converted to these planned changes. Others needed a small construction project to add temperature-controlled storage due to delays in coronavirus, which affected plans completely remodel hundreds of stores.

The service is free and does not require a minimum order or membership. Also Target Red card holders and Target circle Members will also be able to use their discounts on new foods.

Target is currently launching fresh and frozen foods in the Midwest region after successfully testing a pickup truck in the twin cities and Kansas City markets. This will make the service available for 400 stores. It is expected that by the holiday season in the United States it will reach 1,500 stores.

The retailer is one of many grocery stores that now offer pickup services in the US for Walmart. online grocery store played a big role in his growing e-commerce sales. In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019, ahead of a pandemic, Walmart e-commerce sales grew by 35%Since the outbreak of coronavirus has led to more and more customers buying online and buying outside of Walmart’s sales, retailer reports 74% increase in e-commerce sales in the first quarter

Target, meanwhile, said that in the first quarter, its services also became popular that day due to the pandemic. He even saw days when the volume of orders was twice as high as in Cyber ​​Monday. And on the Friday before Easter, he made more through the Ship delivery service than during the regular week.

In addition, in the first quarter, sales of Target’s digital products grew by 141%, while the aggregate services on the same day (Shipt, Drive Up and Order Pickup) grew by 278%. Of the millions of customers using Drive Up, 40% were new to service, showing how the pandemic has changed consumer behavior.

But Q1 was not all good news for a retailerHe said that he spends more on labor, sells less expensive goods, and records clothes and other goods that were not sold due to the impact of the pandemic on the needs of customers. The company promised that its investment in online shopping options and its workforce – last week, for example, is raised his minimum wage of up to $ 15 per hour will ultimately pay off.

“The speed and convenience of our options are unparalleled throughout the country, and they have become even more important for our guests who are looking for simple and safe ways to shop during a pandemic. According to Target COO John Mulligan, adding fresh products that our guests already love to the grocery service, we give them even more reason to shop at Target. “At a time when even more people are looking for different ways to get the goods they need, we will continue to invest in making Target the easiest and safest place to shop,” he added.


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