July 6, 2020
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Right Now There Is A "Mad Rush" To Get Out Of The Cities

Right Now There Is A “Mad Rush” To Get Out Of The Cities

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Posted by Michael Snyder via TheMostImportantNews.com,

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So many rich people are in a hurry to leave the big cities that this creates a certain “boom in the real estate market” in many suburban areas, small towns and rural communities. The fear of COVID-19, the collapse of the economy and the colossal urban violence that we have seen in recent weeks have come together to create insane activity. Last week my wife and I learned from a friend from New York who was suddenly desperate to move to another state, and of course I cannot blame him for wanting to move. If I were in his place, I would also like to move. But at the moment, so many people think the same way that the demand for housing in certain areas can significantly exceed supply.

In fact, one real estate agent in the San Francisco area describes him as “Crazy rush to get out of the city”

“I really want to get out of the city” said Ginger Martin, a Sotheby’s real estate agent who focuses on luxury real estate in the San Francisco Bay area. “What I am doing well now is all that’s turnkey.”

Unfortunately, over the past few months, mortgage lending standards have really tightened, and this limits the number of people who can successfully relocate.

Mostly in this environment it’s just “Rich people” who can move from San Francisco and buy a new home elsewhere …

Currently, only wealthy people who still have financial mobility to move are engaged in resettlement, since the real economy destroys and paralyzes the bottom 90% of Americans. Even with a good credit rating, lenders do not approve of people, as it was before. Many people have flooded San Francisco for years as the economy developed and technology flourished. Now, in the conditions of economic recession, social unrest and a pandemic, the city is becoming too dangerous to start a family.

On the east coast, violence is one of the main motivating factors forcing people to suddenly rise and move.

By now, almost everyone has seen stunning shots of riots and robberies taking place in central New York, and, of course, it would not have taken a long time to rekindle new episodes of widespread violence.

At the same time, the overall crime rate in New York was absolutely takes offand it helps fuel “rural communities in New York and New Jersey” …

During May, total crime decreased compared to the same period last year. But the New York City Police Department (NYPD) reported that the number of homicides in the city increased by 79%, executions jumped by 64%, and burglaries grew by 34%.

The surge in violent crime is expected to reinforce the New Yorkers’ tendency to flee the subway to rural communities in New York and New Jersey.

In the center of the country, the city of Chicago is subjected to even more violence than the city of New York.

In fact, dozens of people were just shot on weekends father’s day

Nine people were killed, including four under the age of 18, and another 47 were injured while shooting at Chicago on Father’s Day weekend, police said.

Officials told ABC7 in Chicago that two teenage boys, a 3-year-old and a 13-year-old, were among the dead.

And just a few weeks ago we witnessed the cruelest day ever recorded in Windy City

While Chicago was thrilled with yet another day of protests and robberies after the assassination of George Floyd, 18 people were killed on Sunday, May 31, making it the cruelest day in Chicago in six decades, according to the University of Chicago forensics lab. . These laboratories do not return further than in 1961.

If the problems we were facing were just temporary, most people would probably want to overcome them.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the near future the situation will not become much better.

Now that the locks are over, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US is starting to rise again. On Friday, we saw more than 30,000 new confirmed cases in the United States for the first time in many weeks, and it was actually the worst day for newly confirmed cases for the whole world.

In other words, the coronavirus pandemic is getting worse. If you want to call it the “first wave” or the “second wave”, the truth is that cases are growing, and this can have very serious consequences in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the US economy continues to deteriorate very quickly. Nearly 46 million Americans since this pandemic began, more than 100,000 businesses closed their doors forever and consumers in the US missed payments over 100 million loansThis is an economic recession of unprecedented size and scale, and many more months extreme economic pain ahead of us.

Among other things, we are in an election year, and even a very small spark can provoke new unrest, looting and violence.

Tensions in this country are so high right now that a recent survey found that 34 percent of all Americans think there could be a “civil war” over the next five years

According to the latest nationwide telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports, 34% of voters are likely to think that the United States will survive the second civil war sometime in the next five years, but that’s only nine percent (9%) who think it’s very likely.

I have never seen our country so deeply divided in my whole life, and it is incredibly sad.

At a time when we must come together as never before, we allow discord, disagreement, anger and hatred to separate us even deeper.

A house that is divided will surely collapse, and America’s future looks extremely bleak if we continue along this path.

As a lonely person, you can’t do much to stop what is happening, but at least you can try to get to a safe place before everything falls apart.

But if you are going to move, you need to do it quickly, because, as I said in this article, many other people think the same way.


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