July 8, 2020
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Reopening Of Popular Michigan College Bar Results In 85 COVID-19 Infections

Reopening Of Popular Michigan College Bar Results In 85 COVID-19 Infections

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The popular bar near the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing was the site of the recent super spreader event,

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This only place was reportedly associated with at least 85 confirmed cases of COVID-19the number is expected to increase, given that health authorities are currently fiercely claiming that anyone who visited Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub from June 12-22 was immediately quarantined for 14 days.

Long lines previously seen outside Harper’s Restaurant and Brewpub, via East Lansing Info.

Local media also reported that a recent cluster of 30 infections within 100 miles is also associated with the bar,

In accordance with Fox news:

In eighty cases, people who visited the bar and then gave a positive result, WLIX-TV reported. Most infected people had only mild symptoms. At least 10 were asymptomatic.

College students without masks could be seen in photos on social networks gathered together to get to Harper’s after the bar opened on June 12th. when Michigan eased restrictions on coronavirus, which closed bars and restaurants for three months.

According to the station, the business was closed again on June 22, shortly after two people tested positive for coronavirus.

Later, some of the bar’s visitors held other parties and bonfires in the area, which reportedly caused further infections.

After opening in June, the bar saw lines curving down the street through Michigan Bridge News.

The Ingham County Department of Health, which includes the state capital of Lansing, said at a pub on Saturday: “There are currently 85 cases involving Harper’s.”

Local media noted that, despite the ban implementing measures on social distance and compliance with state sanitary standards at the opening, in fact, few were masked.

Since then, the bar owners have stated that they are taking radical steps to limit future exposure, including new heating and cooling systems, as well as high-tech crowd controls, especially limiting the ability of the lines to pull doors.

It is temporarily closed again to “implement a line removal program and modify our HVAC system to install air purification technology during air conditioning and air recirculation, in accordance with Facebook statement“When we finish the implementation of these two strategies, we will have the most modern environment for a safe visit.”


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