July 5, 2020
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Recalling “Irrational Fears” of a Deadly Pandemic, Republicans Fighting Masks in Congress

Recalling “Irrational Fears” of a Deadly Pandemic, Republicans Fighting Masks in Congress

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WASHINGTON. A fierce debate erupted in the congressional hall on Friday when Republicans refused to wear face masks and Democrats insisted that they do so.

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“Why is it so complicated?” upset Rep. Jamie Raskin, MD, once said in response to the intransigence of the Republicans, speaking through an N95 respirator. “There is one thing we can do to try to protect other people when we are together is to wear a mask. It costs us nothing. Why don’t we do it? Why is it something like a macho man, for example: “If I don’t wear a mask, I’m cruel”?

The Republicans did not seem to be touched by his calls or the calls of other Democrats. The charge of wearing a mask was brought forward by Rep. Mark Greene, R-Tenn., A physician who was also a major in the U.S. Army. Green said that he could “quote many other professionals” who advise against protective coatings for the face.

Green did not refer to such professionals.

Surgical masks and respirators can inhibit the spread of coronavirus particles, but President Trump and many of his Republican allies called these coatings a symbol of liberal overreaction and burdensome statism. Almost every public health agency in the country, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends wearing face masks in public places.

This can reduce the transmission of the virus by 85 percent, according to the world health organization,

Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn. (Screenshot via House.gov)
Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn. (Screenshot via House.gov)

On Friday at Capitol Hill, a full-blown cultural war took place using a face mask, in which cases continued to grow in the United States. More than 126,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19, a lower respiratory tract disease caused by coronavirus. The virus grows in Florida, Arizona, and Texas, in all states where Republican governors are close allies of the president who share his skepticism about security measures, such as mask directions.

Green decided to denounce the masks as part of his opening statement at the coronavirus hearing held by the home surveillance subcommittee.

The hearing was intended to examine the response of the Government Accountability Office to the pandemic, but it was sometimes frustrated due to masked debate and other partisan battles. At one point, for example, Rep. Jim Jordan, a close ally of President R-Ohio, asked the GAO to investigate China regarding the fight against the pandemic. The chief witness of the hearing, US Comptroller General Gene Dodaro, explained that the GAO does not have the authority to investigate China, as it is a sovereign nation.

Greene, a senior Republican member of the subcommittee, seemed especially concerned about the scene he had witnessed earlier this morning. “When I arrived today,” he said angrily, “I saw a gentleman running along the sidewalk. A hundred yards from the guy there was nobody, but he was running in a mask. It speaks of irrational fears caused by this dishonest presentation of data by the media, ”concluded Green.

Despite Green and other Republican statements about masks, 65 percent of Americans believe that they need protective cover, according to a new Yahoo News / YouGov poll.

Diatribe was not happy with Rep. James Cliburn, Ph.D. Cliburn noted that if the committee continues to hold personal meetings, unlike digital ones, its members will have to follow the instructions of the attending physician of the US Congress, Dr. Brian Monahan.

When members of Congress returned to Washington this spring, The monk wrote that face coatings “should always go forward.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered masks to be worn at committee hearings, but Republicans’ strong dislike for her – combined with the skepticism of many Republican Party lawmakers of the coronavirus – almost guaranteed that the leadership will become its own political battleground.

“Please rest assured, I will show my control, which I have,” Kleburn said through a mask that shows the outlines of Washington, DC, embossed at number 51. On the same day, the House of Representatives was to vote for statehood for The capital of country. Republicans are categorically against such a move.

Rep. Mark Green and Rep. James Clyburn. (Screenshots via House.gov)
Rep. Mark Green and Rep. James Clyburn. (Screenshots via House.gov)

“If we want these meetings to be held in person,” Klaiburn said, “we will have to adhere to the attending physician, otherwise I will not have these meetings in person.” Just so simple.

Jordan then tried to conclude that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York was criticized by conservatives for coping with the pandemic. Cliburn did not kindly accept the comment. “I have absolutely no control over the Governor of New York, but I have some control over this subcommittee. And I will attach it. ”

Later, Green, who led the charge against the mask in the hearing, made a concession to Kleiburn. “If you say,“ Green, I want you to wear a mask, sir, ”“ I will wear a mask, you are the chairman of my committee. ” However, he did not wear a mask. He also said that he told his voters in Tennessee not to wear masks if they were not at high risk.

Speaking to Yahoo News after the hearing, Rep. Andy Kim, D-N.J., Expressed concern over the ongoing masked debate. “I have no idea why they are so stable when wearing a mask is actually not at all scary,” he said about his republican colleagues. “Why not just take some of these precautions?”


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