July 3, 2020
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Politicisation Of The Great Lockdown Result Of "TINA"-Economic-Ignorance & Censorship

Politicisation Of The Great Lockdown Result Of “TINA”-Economic-Ignorance & Censorship

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Written by Ramin Masachery for Saker Blog,

AliExpress WW

In the United States, liberal economic ideology is not allowed in doubtTherefore, when the last inevitable economic crisis in capitalism occurs, it is not surprising that their society speaks about everything except economic ideology. They spend time inventing and discussing non-economic solutions to economic disasters, and that is why their main weaknesses and inequalities are getting worse and worse.

Now we are talking about the murder of George Floyd, the brutality of the police and the superiority of whites – these are old but still important problems, but they, of course, are also problems that will not lead to a systematic redistribution of one cent towards government abandoned african-american areas,

The collapse of the USSR and the triumphal parades led by TINA banners – alternatives to neoliberalism and neo-imperialism – prompted Americans to throw out textbooks on the “dark science” of economics. “Yes,” they said, “Marx could be interesting in due time, but now it’s over – keep up with the times: stupid economy! (whispering) But seriously – do not question the liberal economic ideology. ”

For those of us who are following the data, it has become very clear: “All bubble 2” is great pica– an economical pen to describe the Western economy of 2020, but it gives the wrong impression that what is happening is just a repetition of 2008 (when “Everything in Bubble 1” burst) – in fact, everything is much worse. No one expected Everything Bubble 2 to be superseded by something as economically suicidal as Great Lockdown, but we now have no choice but to put the effects of the two together, so … wow … we just can’t say that it looks like 2008, or 2001, or 1929, or any other era.

But in the USA, of course, you cannot say anything about the ideological economic direction. This leads us to two ideas about their society, which are now obvious to everyone:

1) By abandoning the economic ideological debate for three decades, Americans can politically cut each other to death in 2020 because they simply cannot reasonably discuss the economy, much to the delight of 1%.

2) Censoring ideological debate, the USA cannot find new solutions for the latest capitalist collapse, therefore, to put an end to this very atypical capitalist collapse, they vainly apply the previous solutions: hyper-partisanism, militarism and economic ideological totalitarianism.

Combine these two implementations, and it will become clear that the American solution to their 2020 economic crisis is militaristic: Militarism against those who disagree with the mainstream, militarism directs economic output, as well as militarism against the embryos of Covid-19. As a result of the murder of George Floyd, we can even add a fourth militarism – although one that is likely to end after the November presidential election – militarism against anti-black racism.

Why might this “decision” of militarism surprise anyone?

Removing the economy from politics creates stupid politics, but also hyper-addiction

Americans today have only one solution to domestic or international failure – to declare war on another guy, even if he is fellow citizens.

This economic crisis is so bad for the already weakened West that one would think that the economic debate on its decisions would never become partisan. (Given that both major parties agree with TINA — what could be argued economically?) Georgia, Florida, and Texas have cities as dense as Illinois, Michigan, California, New York, and New Jersey, but this it cannot be a coincidence that this last camp of the “blue states” remains economically closed with seriousness and duration, seemingly unparalleled in the world.

As if working with the other side – even for the good of the nation – implies a risk of deadly (moral) infection? Is it as if what Trump did, proposed or supported, makes a person not indemnified “deplorable”? As if losing the election this November is a greater disaster in the minds of politically involved Republican and Democratic citizens than an unprecedented capitalist disaster with over 40 million unemployed?

All I can say: LOL, you cannot rule the country this way. I am as political as everyone else, but if unemployment were 25%, my main motivation would be not to get a loan in the voting booth!

So this is amazing evidence of how undesirable the American cultural-political-economic model is when we observe how the re-opening of their economies has become such a politically polarized problem.

This may or may not be old news for many, but here is something that is never discussed: this seemingly “militarization of political partisanism” is predicted to limit the main political debate solely to this – the alleged importance of political partisanism. Thus, the proclamation of Western TINA culture, the rejection of economic textbooks and the censorship of “vain” economic debates have led to the fact that bipartisan political affiliation occupies a completely unjustified place in US culture.

And Tina was always going to be especially deadly for heterogeneous Western societies: In a country like Iran, which is 90% Shiite, or in a homogeneous and independent Japan, perhaps this is not necessarily an economy that may have the title of “defender of a public association”, but in very heterogeneous The economic class of the West clearly provides the broadest foundation for saving and saving unity. (White Western supporters will tarnish this: “It used to not be here!” Who cares? This is now so for your children, and only once it was not “like that” because of mass segregation.) Trotskyists can reject national unification, but not everyone wants to see the founder of a nation in response to every serious crisis.

But, rejecting the discussion of economic unity (the so-called class war against 1%), the West could only logically choose other factors in its place to focus attention, that is, political, cultural, ethnic, sexual, gender and religious factors, which are all (for them heterogeneous societies) by nature are less unifying and even very controversial. In a crisis, this disunity is not only obvious, but also leads to tangible disasters – of course, the West is currently in crisis.

The problem is not only that they blame only politicians and representatives of the media: many American citizens clearly want to tighten the grip of this economic crisis to overthrow Trump or just his local president. In 2020, since they are not in power, it is logical to agree that Democrats act most desperately and powerfully. However, Republicans do not support consensus, unity and high ideals – of course, they use the economic crisis to achieve the neoliberal principle of drastically reducing government ranks to just policemen and firefighters.

It is no exaggeration to say that by excluding the economy from the discussion, the US political culture has become not “militant”, which has positive connotations of ideological purity, but “militaristic”: Democrats and Republicans follow the path of war, instead of fomenting problems to focus on the unity of society in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.

You cannot honestly talk about imperialism with an American in 2019, and they hardly want to hear about it now; nor can you honestly talk about capitalism with an American, despite his current epic failure; in June 2020, they only want to talk about how their political party is superior to them, and how the crown is the new Black Plague, and now they have added a new problem that they recently discovered: police brutality towards blacks.

The problem of this false militancy, which has such a gaping intellectual emptiness (lack of an economic component), is similarly and clearly manifested in the centuries-old militarization of US imperialist culture: The war against the Indians, the war for / against slavery, the war against socialism, the war against Soviet communism, the war against poverty, the war against drugs, the war against Muslims – thus, the American solution to the “war against the crown” is not at all unique to them,

A new – and probably temporary – “war against police brutality” is certainly necessary, but it cannot reach either the power halls or the ears of the avant-garde party of US bankers.

The solution to corporate fascism in the USA is always war, but conquering the crown does not bring prey

The real economic ideology of the United States is, of course, corporate fascism, so their military-industrial complex has found a ready-made solution to the 2000 crisis, declared a war in the Muslim world. This is indeed very beneficial, and it allowed the Pentagon’s planned economy (the Pentagon is the largest employer in the world) to continue to organize a very unequal redistribution of the US economy.

There was no new war in 2008 – Obama could only double the existing wars (after accepting his Nobel Peace Prize) and also double the economic ideology of the status quo: QE threw helicopter money at the problem and hoped that the problem was solved. This was decided very satisfactorily, but only for 1% and their asset classes.

In 2020, all of Bubble 2 was torn apart by the Great Block, and a new war was declared: against the crown. As if red people with tomahawks had gathered right outside the fort with pickets, the Americans sincerely rushed into this battle for survival. Now that the stock market has been increased by returning taxpayers’ QE to pre-crisis levels, the Americans (seemingly) are also starting to fight police brutality.

American culture declares war, period.

What does war do? It rallies around the flag – for countries that were not inspired by the year 1917, it really is a “fighter for social unification” – but this time there will be no prey: there are no new borders for providing cheap land; there are no new resources to make western goods cheaper; no oil; there’s even no way to use U.S. taxpayer money to pay mercenaries to raise stock prices for corporations affiliated with the Pentagon.

Americans need to realize that “keeping capitalism alive through cheers-patriotism” is the main pillar of imperialism and that true patriotism is never allowed in neoliberal capitalism — thus, their hyper-addiction today. War also provides a useful distraction from endemic economic inequality, which is why this trick of the “endless war” takes place throughout the anti-socialist West. since World War I,

The West has plunged into war with the germ of the crown, but their lower classes are shouting that this war is economic suicide. As soon as the war with the crown ends — even if the West extends after the “surge” this fall, or even in 2021 — we will finally have to discuss economic ideology.

But the West never needs to do this wisely – they were economic ideological winners, right?


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