July 8, 2020
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Pence cancels campaign in Florida and Arizona as coronavirus cases rise

Pence cancels campaign in Florida and Arizona as coronavirus cases rise

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WASHINGTON. Vice President Mike Pence canceled events in Florida and Arizona as coronavirus cases surge in these states.

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A spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s campaign has confirmed to the US TODAY that events that included stops on the Penn’s Faith in America tour were canceled “because of precaution,” as things are going up in Florida and Arizona.

A vice president spokeswoman said Pence would travel to Texas, Arizona, and Florida this week to meet with governors.

On Tuesday, Pence was due to deliver a speech at the Faith in America event in Tucson and meet with Governor Doug Ducie about COVID-19’s response.

Pence planned to leave for Florida on July 2 for a bus tour, meet with Governor Ron DeSantis about the coronavirus, and give a speech both at the Faith in America event in Sarasota and after the Oakley Transport Inc. tour in lake wales.

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Two states saw the record number of cases how a nation is experiencing surges in several states. United States reported second day of recording cases on Saturday.

Florida declared 9,585 cases on Saturday and in Arizona declared 3591 cases.

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Trump’s campaign has been criticized for holding a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week. Local health officials called for it to be canceled due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus, and several campaign and secret service employees have tested positive for coronavirus since the campaign.

This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY: Coronavirus: Mike Pence cancels campaign events in Florida and Arizona


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