July 5, 2020
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'Party' Drugs Lose Out Because Of COVID-19

‘Party’ Drugs Lose Out Because Of COVID-19

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According to an open online survey with 40,000 participants from twelve countries, the use of party drugs such as MDMA, as well as cocaine, has declined globally as clubs and other events are in a state of interruption.

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Statistics Katarina Buchholz reports which the Global Drug Survey research project found that while marijuana, alcohol, and benzodiazepines (xanax, valium) increased during a pandemica net proportion of 19 percent of respondents indicated that they consumed less cocaine (the proportion of people who said they consumed more, minus the proportion of people who said they consumed less) A net proportion of 29 percent said they use less than MDMA. To determine the amount of drug use, the survey asked people if they had used these drugs on more or less days of the week than usual.

Infographic: party drugs get lost due to COVID-19 | Statista

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Of the twelve countries included in the survey, about 22 percent of the irish and about 21 percent of the british and kiwi said their alcohol consumption during COVID-19 increased greatly – the highest in the survey. Residents of Ireland and New Zealand also admitted that they drank much more (15 and 14 percent, respectively), while 47 percent of UK residents said they started drinking earlier than usual. The most common reasons why respondents indicated an increase in alcohol consumption were “I have more time to drink” and “I am more bored.”

Marijuana consumption increased the most in Australia and the UK from 26% and 23%, saying their consumption increased significantly. Australian and French respondents most often noted that among drug users who use MDMA and cocaine, drug use has declined significantly.


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