July 12, 2020
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"Parameters Of Paranoia Are Changing" As Doomsday-Bunker-Builders Boom In Post-COVID Normal

“Parameters Of Paranoia Are Changing” As Doomsday-Bunker-Builders Boom In Post-COVID Normal

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As we have described more than once, and not limited to a specific part of the country, people flight from large cities to rural communities due to a viral pandemic and social unrest.

AliExpress WW

Feeling insecure, even after a large migration from cities to rural areas, some Americans are now exploring their options with an additional level of security in case of worsening socio-economic collapse, which is the installation of a doomsday bunker.

Maine-based Frank Woodworth, an owner of Northeast Bunkers specializing in the design and construction of underground bunkers, said his business model is evolving and not focusing on luxury bunkers for the top 1%, but rather building affordable bunkers that cost about $ 25,000.

Woodworth told New York Times this demand for bunkers increased after the pandemic and riots.

“Buyers of this kind of underground dwelling say they just want to protect their families from an increasingly turbulent world. For many, the decision to build a bunker was made before the coronavirus pandemic surfaced, but they say they now feel ready for the next local or global crisis, “writes The Times.

Jonathan Rawls, owner of Survival Realty Brokerage Services, a company with agents and brokers specializing in doomsday bunkers, said:

“There is a constant demand for people who seek a more sustainable future for themselves, for their families,” Rawls said. “Many real estate markets focus only on housing in urban areas, suburban areas, in suburban areas, and there is a very missed opportunity for people who want to live offline, want to live away from home or really want security. property, whether it’s a bunker or a safer and more sustainable home. ”

Roles’s firm connects customers with bunkering companies in the United States. “This market and the desire for security permeate all levels of society – social, political, racial, religious,” he said. “People are looking for an opportunity to secure the future of the family, have a more sustainable future, and in part this may have a bunker.”

Woodworth at Northeast Bunkers said that requests for available bunkers are not limited to the United States, people from all over the world have requested more information due to the unfolding events. economic turmoil,

“I’m just a businessman who deals with paranoid people,” he said, “and it looks like paranoia’s parameters change every day.”

Ron Hubbard, president and owner of Atlas Survival Shelters, a Texas-based fallout protection company, said his underground shelters “are FEMA-compliant to provide near-absolute protection.”

Hubbard’s YouTube account provides access to one of his latest luxury buildings, which costs about $ 94,000 – again, these are affordable shelters because the demand from ordinary people, as we have noted over the years, the rich have already built their underground luxury bunkers,

With the boom in affordable bunkering, these installers are busy as Americans flee from large cities to rural communities and are now seeking refuge, fearing that the socio-economic collapse will worsen.


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