July 11, 2020
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On Not Going Towards The Trouble: Staying Safe During Civil Unrest In America

On Not Going Towards The Trouble: Staying Safe During Civil Unrest In America

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Posted by Samantha Biggers through BackdoorSurvival.com,

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Regardless of what you say about the current situation, I think that many of us can agree that we live in interesting times. In these interesting times, our computers and phones broadcast us 24/7. This post will focus on tips for the average person who wants to avoid participating in civil unrest or protests, It seems pretty clear that most people would prefer not to participate, no matter how the news depicts it.

There are people who say that if someone does not take a position, this means that the situation will not improve. Although this may be true, I ask you to think about how committed you are before taking any action. As we discuss later in this post, it can be difficult to stop the violence if you find yourself in an escalating situation.

While you may have strong opinions, one way or another, there is a difference between being “all in.” If you are not very dedicated, then the consequences and risks are probably not worth the trouble.

Curiosity is natural, but it can be dangerous.

Restrictions imposed in connection with the use of COVID-19 are removed or ignored. Obviously, there is some risk of contracting any number of diseases from crowds, especially those that cry and touch each other a lot.

Although it may seem tempting to try to peacefully monitor the events taking place in your area, you need to think about how important this is for you. Of course, there is nothing better than seeing something with your own eyes, but the price of this can be great.

Those of you who have children and teenagers who are old enough to go shopping on their own or hang out with friends, or who are left alone at home, should seriously talk about the dangers of potential troubles or ongoing problems and unrest.

Avoid peer pressure. I am talking about adults and young people too.

Being captured by the energy and group of the crowd is easy to do. I heard about these types of incidents in my own area. Someone gets an idea, and suddenly 10 or more people find themselves in a situation that does not meet their expectations at all. The emotions are high, and it is easy for people on both sides of any question or argument to look too far into something and make some assumptions that can lead to serious escalation in a very short time.

Just because everyone else seems to be doing something doesn’t mean it’s a great idea. Even if you really like a group of people, it is important to think about yourself and think about your well-being and the well-being of your family.

That, as they say … ..

Watch out for a family trying to talk you into things. Think carefully about any ideas, wishes, or anything that they may ask you in these difficult times.

Family is important, but many people have an up-and-down relationship with more than one member. Although it is important to come together and try to help each other from time to time, you need to carefully consider these actions. Who doesn’t have someone in their family who loves drama? I bet most of us can name a lot. You also need to think about whether to ask someone for help or to invite him to become part of your life. Sometimes people expect much more in return than fair or what you can give, even if you want.

Many families have people who suffer from addiction and substance abuse. Even in good times, it can be difficult to help someone in this position, even if he wants to help. Do you have the resources and determination to deal with the potential problem of substance abuse and addiction? Has anyone made it clear that he is going to meet with you halfway? Can they even contribute to the household?

Families can be very divided when it comes to politics and moral views. It can be very difficult to overcome these barriers and help each other. If you couldn’t hang out or talk before all the riots and pandemics, I’m not going to say that now you have good chances. I would like it to be different, but, as the average person emphasizes, solving old problems can be too difficult or even impossible without causing much grief and trouble to both sides.

Avoid talking about potentially volatile items. I found that many people find it refreshing so as not to “go there.”

Many people are simply tired of constantly talking about the state of the world and would like to talk about other things. We all know that some things make people really excited and that this can vary from person to person. Do not raise topics that, as you know, will upset, and do not bring benefit to anyone. This is usually a good habit, because what you say can and will be used against you if you start talking in front of the right person. This happens all the time, regardless of your personal beliefs and opinions.

These are just the times we live in.

I wish I had a magical way to do it differently, but I’m afraid that there are many very deeply rooted problems that will have to be dealt with before we get back to creating a society in which people can freely speak and change their minds . later without being thrown into his face a month or a decade later. People change and grow, and, unfortunately, even when they change for the better, even insignificant or moderate comments that can be offensive can be used and used to ruin them in society and at work.

At age 37, I am grateful that all the stupid or poorly informed things that I said as a child and teenager were not recorded in any way.

Do not give out too much information online or in person.

I write for life. My job is to talk about preparedness and survival skills and try to give advice that can apply to the whole spectrum of situations and people. Part of this work means giving up part of my personal life. I get paid for what I write, and I do not post everything, although I get this salary for talking about some things.

The people I see on social networks or on Youtube channels take photos and tell everyone, basically, about every firearm or preparation they have, as well as their different opinions on a ton of mutable objects, which confuse me, especially since only a small percentage earn any money from these revelations. Stop acting like you want to impress others and get attention. This is very different from trying to impress popular kids. You can put yourself and your family in serious danger.

We live in a world where too many people want to be famous or celebrities. People sometimes think it’s weird when you don’t. The desire to become famous or become viral can lead to stupid decisions that endanger you and those you love.

One thing that I noticed about the many events that happened is how many people try to take or take this picture or videos that get viral in nature. Instagram instagram from Instagram goes to events that have great potential for violence, just to slightly increase their popularity. Since so many people have begun to call for such behavior, they are at even greater risk of ridicule and assault, even from those whom they think alike.

I have to say that trying to shoot a video when people are pushing and pushing you seems like a terrible idea. When it comes to this, having a phone in your hand, rather than getting rid of harm or protecting yourself, seems like a big risk in order to get this chance, as it is likely that you will not get much in terms of fame or monetary value. especially with many others shooting the same scene.

Do you know how many times I have refused opera reality shows, interviews, proposals for conducting opera shows on television, etc.? More times than I can count on my fingers. Some of these places continue to bother me even after I give them up. Sometimes I even forget to tell my husband when I get another one. It seems that they do not understand that I do not want problems, because I have no doubt that with such fame there are often troubles and troubles that are not worth the amount of money that can be obtained in return. Very few people become highly paid stars in their field.

Remember that no matter who you are or your opinions, it is easy to justify terrible acts if you feel that they are morally superior to you, or if someone convinces himself that the act is of great benefit.

Moral justification is powerful and incredibly dangerous. When you begin to understand anything from maltreatment to outright brutality and brutal violence, someone may feel justified if he believes that it benefits the majority or that he is somehow superior morally. Remember that no matter who you are or where you live, there is someone who feels “above you” or is somehow better. In most cases, it does not really matter, and everyone can simply ignore each other for the most part, but when emotions are high and everything is in a bustle, this is a fact that you need to know about.

Violence is easy to start and difficult or even impossible to stop, while it simply cannot continue.

A targeted visit to the area where civil unrest occurs increases your chances of violence. A small catalyst is enough to otherwise turn a peaceful protest into something terrible, leading to injuries or even more people. Remember when a scary car hit Times Square scared people? Sometimes in order to turn the tide and cause a snowball of violence, one fist fight at an event is enough.

You may not be able to dissuade anyone from committing violence.

I watched several videos online. Who is not? One thing that I noticed is that there are many people who have tried to dissuade others from escalating the situation and committing violence. Sometimes they are successful, and sometimes not. These same people actually put themselves between others in order to try to prevent violence.

When it comes to friends and family, you will not be able to dissuade them from meeting troubles and commit violent acts. They may not plan violence directly, but deep down they may think about what they are going to do if something goes in a certain way. The emotions are high, and many people believe that there is not just a riot, but a revolution.

No matter where you stand on any serious issue, there are people who will try to challenge you and use your reaction against you.

One has to be very careful with the trigger. Many people were publicly disgraced and humiliated after being pushed to some kind of reaction. Agitators can be extremely persistent. I also think it’s worth mentioning that the video is easy to edit. The right fragment can depict a completely different scenario than what actually happened. Trimming and splicing sound is quite consistent with the skills of most people if they want to do it.

Will the explosion be useful? You should ask yourself about it and think before you react. Recently, I have seen too many videos where people scoff and try to find someone to hit them in the movie. This is not good behavior, no matter how much you feel. I fully support someone who protects themselves from harm, but is trying to get someone to hit you simply because you disagree with something, but it doesn’t solve anything.

Do not open firearms openly in public places unless your life is in danger and you must protect it.

There is a difference between a gun tied to your belt and a gun that you carelessly wave. Pointing a gun at someone you arrest. Even if your state has laws on open transportation, you cannot wave them during protests. Even if the protest is not technically sanctioned and the rule of law becomes vague, there is a chance that you will incur a lot of trouble. Also, the fact that you have a firearm does not mean that the crowd cannot harm you.

I like to have weapons, but you need to be careful with the confidence they give some people to act more boldly. A gun is a defense tool and damn good, but don’t be mistaken, because it makes you untouchable in the crowd.

I think the advice I was given since childhood is good. Do not point the weapon at anyone unless you are very serious about it. Otherwise, hold it down and your finger will not be directly on the trigger.

Other tips and tricks

  • Plan your purchases and get to work in areas of potential unrest.

  • Carry your home bag in your car.

  • Think about what you can use for weapons. If necessary, you can use many household items. For some options, check out my article on handguns.

  • You should always carry a weapon or something for self-defense. There are many options, including pepper spray, tasers and key guns. A knife is a great choice, especially if you don’t have a weapon.

  • Keep a decent first-aid kit in your car or get a home bag.

  • Try to save children and elderly people at home. I’m sorry but such times may mean that you must move fast. Also keep in mind that if you worry about children and older family members during civil unrest, this can lead to different decisions that will not help anyone. Would you leave someone old to trample, to save yourself? Of course not.

  • Avoid going out in the evening or at night. Think about what you can do to make it easier and not so boring for teens who have to stay at home more. For more detailed advice on mobility during riots, check out my previous article.

  • Talk with your family about safety measures and avoiding troubles. Explain the risks and consequences.

  • Be prepared to answer some difficult questions and give a lot of advice to children and adolescents. This is a very difficult time for growing up, and many of them do not know how to cope with all the emotions and propaganda that they are being thrown.


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