July 8, 2020
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“Of course not”: Fauci says he will not attend Trump rallies as the coronavirus spreads

“Of course not”: Fauci says he will not attend Trump rallies as the coronavirus spreads

AliExpress WW

WASHINGTON – Dr. Anthony Fauci says he will not personally attend upcoming rallies that President Donald Trump plans to run his campaign in 2020 because coronavirus is still spreading.

AliExpress WW

“I am in the high risk category. Personally, I would not. Of course not, ”said Fosi, 79, in an interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

He added about Trump rallies: “the outside is better than the inside, not a single crowd is better than the crowd” and “the crowd is better than the big crowd.”

Trump is On Saturday, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is scheduled to launch its first campaign in a few months. inside the city center BOK, which can accommodate more than 19,000 people. The president said Monday that 1 million people have requested tickets for the event.

Senior officials said On Monday, all visitors will be offered disinfectants and face masks, although this is not necessary. They will also have their temperatures before entering the arena.

Some Tulsa officials warn Trump that the rally could exacerbate the current surge in coronavirus cases, and the local newspaper Tulsa World published an editorial titled “This is not the right time, and Tulsa is the wrong place for a Trump rally.” Meanwhile, Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt, a Republican, is due to visit the White House this week ahead of a rally to discuss a resumption of the economy.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he remains concerned about the increasing incidence of COVID-19 in some states of the country. “We see infections to a greater extent than they previously saw in some states, including those in the southwest and south,” he said.

One of the key members of the presidential coronavirus task force, Fauci, also said on Tuesday in an interview with NPR “1A” at WAMU in Washington, DC that he had not talked to Trump for two weeks. He said that he spoke to him “two weeks ago,” and it was about “efforts to develop a vaccine.”

When asked about the answer to Fauci’s recent interviews, the White House defended the ongoing phased re-discoveries that he made without addressing Fauci directly.

“As the president said, the medicine could not be worse than the disease, and that’s why all 50 states have begun the process of gradual opening,” said Judd Deere, spokeswoman for the White House. “As this continues, Americans will use what they learn about COVID-19 and take appropriate precautions, such as social distance, face masks and regular hand washing, to protect people’s health and bring us back to a growing economy.” “


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