July 4, 2020
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New York doctor hopes the rest of the US has learned from the city as states see a surge in viral cases

New York doctor hopes the rest of the US has learned from the city as states see a surge in viral cases

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When the doctor Craig Spencer When they reached the New York subway on Monday morning after a night shift in the hospital, the ambulance doctor said that all the people he saw were masked.

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“I think people here remember how bad it was, really just a month, two months ago, and we don’t want to repeat it again,” says Spencer, director of global healthcare for emergency medicine in New York, Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center, said on Monday at CNBC “Call Closure.”

“We hope that all across the country will learn lessons that, unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way,” said Spencer, when New York enters the second phase of its discovery of coronavirus, while in other US states there is a surge cases. ,

In New York, the country’s epicenter of an outbreak, it is reported daily that the number of Covid-19 cases is plummeting compared to levels in late May and early April, when more than 5,000 new infections were recorded daily. Daily cases were less than 400 during the week, according to the city health department,

Yet other parts of the country, such as Texas, Arizona and FloridaIn recent weeks, there has been an increase in cases of coronavirus, some of which are associated with increased testing capabilities. But in more than a dozen states, there has been an increase in coronavirus-related hospitalizations, an indicator that is less sensitive to testing accessibility, according to an analysis of CNBC data collected Covid Tracking Project,

Spencer said he is seeing positive signs in New York’s fight with Covid 19. “In fact, it’s not so often that we see Covid patients now in the emergency room,” he said. “We are returning to normal in our emergency department.”

But Spencer said he was concerned about growth in other parts of the United States, where the landscape in some places differs from the landscape of New York. According to him, the constant existence of community transmission, especially now, in the warm season, puts the United States in a dangerous position when the fall comes.

“I’m very concerned that we had this peak, that we started to decline, and now we are going back up again,” said Spencer, who survived Ebola in 2014 after he fell ill with it, working in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders,

“We all thought that summer would be relatively less common, people would be outside. Most of these viruses reduce transmission in the summer. But we are going up, which, I think, is setting the stage for a really bad fall and winter if we do not get it under control in the near future. ”


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