July 8, 2020
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More Studies Find Coronavirus Spread In China Much Earlier Than Beijing Admits

More Studies Find Coronavirus Spread In China Much Earlier Than Beijing Admits

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A study suggesting that coronavirus could spread across Lombardy already in DecemberA few months before the first cases of the disease were detected in February, this was only the last in a steady stream of studies from around the world in which traces of coronavirus infection and death were found weeks or months earlier than previously known.

AliExpress WW

And on Sunday, the Nikkei Asian Review added even more to this growing amount of evidence in a report entitled “The coronavirus probably spread in China last fall,” other studies show. It follows that if the virus appeared abroad earlier than we initially suspected, then perhaps it appeared in Wuhan even earlier than the representatives of Chinese health allowed?

According to Nikkei, the virus probably began to spread in China last fall, according to separate analyzes of the virus genome by research groups in the UK and other countries.

Various studies of viral genetic information have shown that ongoing transmission of the virus from person to person began before the first patient was confirmed in Wuhan on December 8th. However, the study does not give any clues about where the virus came from and how it began to spread among the population in the area, leaving what Nikkei describes as “An even deeper mystery.”

Zero Hedge shared some theories about the origin of the outbreak, from time to time causing a surprisingly intense reaction of American technology platforms.

Even before these studies, local officials admitted, perhaps under pressure from Beijing, that they deliberately kept the outbreak a secret, shaking the international belief in Beijing’s promised transparency. Currently, WHO is allegedly preparing to launch an “independent” investigation into the causes of the outbreak.

it far from the first evidence suggesting that Beijing slowed down, warning WHO of the outbreak, helping unleash the greatest pandemic in 100 years for all of humanity. However, many American progressives, faced with this information, will simply blame President Trump, who now seems to be gloating over the deliberate slowdown of the trials.

Of course, they are not mistaken. But china plan stocks while it allowed the virus to simply crush the health system in Wuhan, it sounds much more disgusting.

According to the “official” schedule, the first confirmed patient with coronavirus pneumonia was discovered in Wuhan on December 8th. Chinese doctors told The Lancet, a leading medical journal in the UK, that this patient started having symptoms in December. 1. But whether this was really the first case, was the subject of intense skepticism.

Researchers at University College London believe that infections among people began from October 6 to December 11Based on genetic information about the virus obtained from more than 7500 patients in China, Europe, the USA and other countries. This is a fairly wide range, and, moreover, studies show that the virus spread outside of China quite early.

In the same time, a separate team at the University of Cambridge believes that infections spread to people from mid-September to early December, based on a study of about 10,000 samples of viral genetic material. A study from Cambridge also suggests that the virus may not have originated in Wuhan (an idea that we assume Chinese propagandists will quickly seize on).

The idea that the virus may have spread in places like New York as early as September, October or November is hardly surprising given how widespread it was after testing.

According to Peter Forster, an associate at the MacDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in Cambridge, a common ancestor of the new coronavirus, close to the type found in bats, originated in China. But this ancestor was more common outside Wuhan, for example, much further south in Guangdong, until mid-January.

Generally speaking, this study is consistent with the findings of a team from Harvard University based on satellite imagery, who found that last August, the use of parking lots in large hospitals in Wuhan increased significantly.

Isolated cases have also been confirmed, for example, in a person who died in France from a strange pneumonia-causing syndrome in December. After his death, the tissues showed that he was infected. But the connection with the wider flash is unclear.


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